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Great Gift Ideas Dad Will Love

It’s that time of the year again and we’ve got you covered for the hardest job. What do you get the man who has everything? Well we’re taking a look in this piece to make your life easier.

Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine from Magimix

What could be better than having a coffee machine that provides you with the perfect creamy espresso each time? I’ll tell you what. A coffee machine that resembles a robot from a 1970’s science fiction film.

The compact machine offers an impressive appearance in its striking shade called “Summer Sun.” It definitely makes a statement, no matter which kitchen it happens to be in. A nice change from the white or black that most caffeine machines come in.

The Nespresso system is very simple: The water is pushed through the coffee capsules by 19 bars of pressure at precisely the right temperature and without making any mess. It produces a superior espresso to any made from home coffee machines that come with a much bigger price tag.

One Touch Stylus Ballpoint Tool Pen by Monteverde

So when is a pen something other than a pen? When it’s a stylus as well for using with a tablet, and comes with a Philips-head and flat head screwdriver, a spirit level and three rules that have different scales.

It’s a pen as well – which is ideal for DIY enthusiasts. There have never been this many tools in one writing instrument before.

Pretty Green

Liam Gallagher has always been renowned for his clothing and it has a strong foothold in the 1990s. His label Pretty Green is one that many men aspire to own and harks back to that era.

Oral-B Pro 4000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

For Dad, things will never feel quite the same. The Oral B Pro 4000 Electric Toothbrush comes with a CrossAction brush head and was designed to power away and lift more plaque effectively than any regular manual toothbrush can, while only leaving behind stunning clean white teeth.

Braun CoolTec White Shaver

The head of this Braun shaver is actively cool in order to minimize any potential redness, which leaves the user feeling refreshed and silky smooth.

This revolutionary dry shaver has the power to take the heat out of shaving. It comes in a very attractive and stylish design that will certainly become an essential part of any Dad’s shaving kit who has sensitive skin.

The shaver uses innovative Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology (TEC) to ensure it stays cool under pressure in order to minimize itching and burning, and leave just a smooth finish behind it.

Champneys Spa Essentials Men’s Weekend Bag

Spa weekends can be very expensive. However, this home kit allows you to be pampered right from the comforts of your own home and avoid any embarrassment from having to go to the spa without the wife.

Full of skin care perfection and eminently practical, the luxurious goodies inside the Champneys bag are identical to what the Champney therapists use on their clientele at the prestigious countryside spas.

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