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finding the perfect watch

Finding The Perfect Watch – The Men’s Guide

Watches have the potential to look incredibly smart, stylish and fashionable. Watches also give a man functional and practical features. There’s an enormous variety of watches out there to suit every man and every occasion. For some guys, this can be a bit overwhelming.

There’s a wide selection of watch aesthetics. There are also numerous features watches can offer such as waterproofing, timers and scratch resistant screens. It’s important to consider a lot of things when choosing your watch. For most men, they just want something that’s good quality, looks good and does the job. Here’s a brief guide on the key things to look for and consider when finding the perfect watch:

1. Style

As previously mentioned, the style and aesthetics of the watch are usually the most important attributes a man considers when purchasing a new watch. There are an excellent selection of watch types out there including a chronograph, automatic, sport, luxury and fashion. Men in the business world or other professional settings usually opt for either the luxury or fashion watch.

Men working outdoors or in more physical settings are usually better off with a sport or automatic watch. These watches are readily available in a multitude of shops and online stores. One particularly useful online store providing luxury, fashion watches at incredibly good value prices is The Selectiv – so take a look and see what you think!

2. Analog vs. Digital

Analog watches are the traditional watch with an hour hand and a second hand. Digital watches are generally more popular due to the technological advances and other features they possess (see the Apple Watch!). Analog watches are popular among those who want a luxury or casual watch. Whereas digital is marketed more towards sportsmen or techies.

A lot of professionals will favor the analog watch as they are more fashionable and sold by luxury brands such as Omega and Rolex. Digital watches can have an alarm or timer but they do require more understanding and effort when setting up.

3. Timer Capabilities

There are many styles of watches which feature timer capabilities. They are more frequent among digital watches than analog.

Some watches are specially made for athletes including features such as GPS, timing capabilities and other options that track laps, splits and countdowns. Some analog watches also include similar features such as the make Swatch, who watches integrate timing devices.

4. Material

The most common watch materials are gold, silver, canvas, titanium and plastic. The material is important when choosing which watch to buy, like the style, it will significantly effect where you will wear the watch.

For example, gold and silver watches lend themselves to more professional and luxury environments (although are quite pricey), whereas titanium although it looks very similar, has hypoallergenic qualities which are beneficial for people who are outside or are likely to get the watch wet.

Similarly, plastic and canvas watches are less expensive, are more casual and suitable for sports’ activities or other events that require water resistance and high durability.

5. Water Resistance

For some men, water resistance is highly critical. For people who want to use their watch for sports’ activities such as swimming or scuba diving, water resistance is of the utmost importance – more than anything else. If you need the watch to be waterproof to great depths; this will usually require a very particular type of watch.

6. Brand

The brand is not important to all buyers but it is for some. The brand also defines the style and features of the watch so it is important to consider that aspect. Most importantly for some people, the rand reflects the price.

For example, Omega watches boast exquisite craftsmanship and intricate, classy designs. Whereas Casio watches are affordable, good quality, more casual and look more sporty. However, it is possible to find brands that contain both excellent craftsmanship and affordable pricing such as watches from The Selectiv.

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