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What Can I Do About My “Man Boobs”?

I was especially interested in this guest post.  I lift weights, but the extra pounds I’m carrying has me questioning whether my pecs have become moobs.  😥

Large deposits of fat in the chest area can be very upsetting to a teenage boy or man.  It may have a deep effect on his self-confidence and self-esteem. For men of any age it can be a large source of stress and dissatisfaction, making them uncomfortable in their own skin.

These deposits of fat can occur for a variety of reasons including high estrogen levels associated with a condition called gynecomastia.

However, the most common cause of man boobs or as they’re also called moobs is being overweight or obese and living a sedentary lifestyle. In these cases, a reduction in weight is often the best course of action for cosmetic and health-related reasons. Men carrying over 22% total body weight in fat are highly likely to have fatty chest tissue so a reduction of this fat is the best solution.

If Your Man Boobs Are Caused By Weight…

The best – and only non-surgical – way of successfully losing weight and reducing total body fat is by changing your diet.

Getting more exercise is also an important step. If you don’t change what and how much you are eating, you can exercise all day long and likely not seem very much improvement.

  • Increase Fruit And Vegetable Consumption

As high fiber and low calorie foods, fruits and vegetables will help to fill you up while reducing the amount of calories you eat at each meal. They will provide you with the essential nutrients enabling you to build healthy and strong muscles and reduce your levels of body fat. Vegetables should be the majority of each meal, supplemented with whole grains and lean protein.

  • Eat/Drink Fewer High-Calorie Treats

Beer, baked goods, mixed drinks, liquors, soda, snack foods and processed foods all contain high levels of calories and/or fat. They don’t satisfy you as much as healthy food while providing you with far too many calories for the body to burn.

  • Reduce Your Calorie Intake

Crash diets are not recommended due to potentially serious side effects. Replacing sugars and fatty foods with fruits and vegetables is a good way to reduce calories without sending the body into shock. Initially, you may feel hungry as your body adjusts, but you will feel better after your body becomes healthier!

If Your Man Boobs Are Caused By Hormones…

In cases where diet or lack of exercise doesn’t seem to be the cause of fatty deposits in the chest, hormones may be to blame. An imbalance between two of the main sex hormones – testosterone and estrogen.  Testosterone is the hormone primarily responsible for muscle mass, sex drive and even ambition and focus. 

On the other hand, an excess of estrogen will cause female fat patterning resulting in curvaceous hips and breasts.  Achieving the correct hormone balance is essential before any other steps can be taken. If hormone imbalance is an issue suggest seeing an endocrinologist.

Once hormones are properly balanced, any remaining fatty tissue can be easily removed through cosmetic surgery procedures.

The incisions for this liposuction are place around the areola so they are not easily seen and the results are typically a flatter chest with a smoother and more toned contour. Surgeons specializing in Male Breast reduction have seen great results and truly satisfied patients by providing them with specific cosmetic surgery methods tailored to their unique needs and desires.

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The author Jane Willys is interested in learning more about surgeries and medical aesthetic procedures to achieve the look one desires. She’s looking for a more renewed and positive attitude towards surgeries! You can follow her at Twitter.

 Any more tips on getting rid of moobs?

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