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Limit Video Game Play During Christmas Break

How to Limit Video Game Play during Christmas Break

Are your children really into video games? Is it likely they’ll spend their entire Christmas break in front of the TV trying to beat the game they got for Christmas?

Then you’re not alone. According to NPD, 82 percent of kids in the U.S. ages 2-17 play video games.

children’s dentist in Idaho Falls understands parent’s concern and has put together a few tips for limiting your child’s gaming during their holiday break.

Set Time Limits

Find a good balance for your child to play their video games and help them find other activities for when they aren’t playing.

Sit down with your child and help them set specific daily times they’re allowed to play video games. Ask them what they think a healthy amount of game time is, and let them participate in setting their limit.

According to a study on Science Daily, children who play video games for an hour a week show improved motor skills and higher academic achievement. However, children who play video games for longer than two hours a day show reduced social abilities and peer conflicts.

Find a good balance for your child to play their video games and help them find other activities for when they aren’t playing.

Be an Example

Children watch their parents more than we think sometimes. It’s how they learn to speak, and it’s often how they decide what things the like and don’t like.

If your child sees you playing video games or watching TV, that’s what they’re going to decide it’s a good thing to do. Likewise, if they see you reading a book or doing a craft project, then they might choose to do something similar.

Children imitate what they see and what they are surrounded by. If you want to limit your child’s video game usage, be the example and show them other things they can do.

Alternative Activities

Sometimes children don’t think about the other fun activities they can do. They have one-track minds and need a little encouragement along the way.

Before your child starts their day with video games, give them ideas about other fun activities to do that day . For example, playing board games, building an obstacle course and getting crafty.

Be sure provide them with the resources to do these things. Allow your kids to discover how fun these other activities can be.

Parental Involvement

Children love spending time with their parents. Younger children love to be around their parents and older siblings.

Use this to your advantage. Take the holiday break as an opportunity to bond with your children.

Invite them to work out with you in the mornings. Have family game nights.

Build forts and make food together. The possibilities are endless, and your kids will love spending time with you – especially if you’re doing an activity they enjoy.

Video games are fun for kids of all ages, and in this digital age it’s what most children default to when they are bored. Help your kids determine a healthy amount of game time.

Encourage alternative activities, invite them to do things with you. You’ll find video games aren’t the only thing your children love.

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A lot of young children find themselves glued to the screen of their computer or television for as much as five and up to eight hours a day. These childhood habits can become real issues later in their young adult life.

Left uncontrolled, video game addiction can lead to negative behaviors such as laziness, extreme irritability, depression and in some cases violence. Fortunately, it’s never too late to break a bad habit and end your child’s video game addiction!


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