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Child Addicted To Video Games? Take Them Out For A Change!

A lot of young children find themselves glued to the screen of their computer or television for as much as five and up to eight hours a day. These childhood habits can become real issues later in their young adult life.

Left uncontrolled, video game addiction can lead to negative behaviors such as laziness, extreme irritability, depression, and in some cases violence. Fortunately, it’s never too late to break a bad habit and end your child’s video game addiction!

Video Game

The beginnings of childhood video game addiction is typically started when the child has too much free time on their hands combined with little to no parental supervision. The first steps you should take are to limit your child’s video gaming time and start exposing them to outdoor activities.

By keeping the child occupied with outdoor activities you are essentially eliminating unsupervised free time.  Also, outdoor activities can be very beneficial to young and developing children.

Video Game Addiction Impact

From building immunity to keeping a child’s weight in balance, outdoor activities can certainly help you in the fight against video game addiction while keeping your child healthy.

Ideas for outdoor activities that can keep your child busy and off the video games:


Video games - Kids swimming

One of the best outdoor activities out there is swimming! Swimming burns a lot of calories and is super fun for children. Many towns offer community pools for free or very cheap admission. Community pools also have schedules of various aquatic activities for you and your child to take advantage of.


Video Games - Youth Sports

Football, soccer, baseball, track, and many more sports can be great gateways for your child to build sportsmanship, athletic skills, and learn about teamwork. Instead of them wasting away in front of a screen, they could be building the necessary skills for their future lives.

Parks and Play Grounds

Video Games - Playground

Taking your child to parks and play grounds can benefit them in more ways than just consuming free time.  Parks and play grounds expose your children to other children which allows them to interact (on more than just a school basis).

This interaction can build key social skills crucial for your child being mentally healthy. Making friends is a great way to pulling them off of video games.

Nature Walking

Showing your child the outdoor world can stimulate their curiosity in nature. What better way to show them the world than going out for a walk by the local trail, creek or visiting your local wildlife zoo.

There are many outdoor activities your child can participate in. It’s important to let your child choose what they feel is the most entertaining and fulfilling. After all, children like video games and by replacing video games with something else they like should be an easy transition.

Video Games - Hitting the trail

The only hard part is for them finding something they like! Let them explore the outside world and unplug those video games.

The author, Peter, has written numerous articles on childcare and child psychology. He’s contributed to several research studies on the effects of childhood obesity and their surroundings. He’s also a part-time blogger who usually spends some of his time to update his blog.

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