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How To Make First Aid Fun For Kids

Are you looking at your children and wondering, “How did they grow up so fast?” Take advantage of their growing maturity and teach them about First Aid.

You don’t need to go into the intricate details but you can show them the basics. An emergency may arise at any time and your child may need those skills to get them through the situation.

Training doesn’t have to be boring, so here are four ways you can make first aid fun for kids:

  1. Make a First Aid Kit Together with the Children

When building a list of first aid items, don’t do it by yourself. Children need to be actively involved as it will help them learn the function of each item.

You can also let them add decorations and arrange the kit.

  1. Make a Game Out of First Aid

Children can find learning boring and are more attuned to playing games. Harness their interest in games and storytelling and use it as a learning platform.

One way to go about it is by either telling a story or role-playing. You can provide them with a fake phone and have them call 911 and instruct them on what they should say to the person on the other line.

Role-playing will make the children more enthusiastic and they’re less likely to forget the lesson learned.

  1. Conduct a Field Trip

As technology becomes more and more ingrained in our daily lives, it’s a great idea to organize a field trip that will help your child relate more to the world around them and understand the potential dangers of nature. Bring along your first aid kit and conduct some fun activities using the various items.

  1. Let them Practice among Themselves

Invite your neighbor’s child or relatives for a first aid play date! Children feel more at ease when they are playing with others.

Provide them with all the necessary first aid tools and partner them with each other. Then, you can create a fake emergency situation for them and see how they collaborate with each other.

Within Australia, there are first aid courses for children between the age of 8 and 11. However, as the parent, you must also be actively involved.

In Australia, 1 in every 13 children visits a hospital. The number of children dying of injury has surpassed the number of children who die of cancer and asthma.

It’s important to educate your children the basics of first aid.

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