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Five Fun Spring Activities For You and Your Stepkids

The last frost has come and gone. The returning warmth means it’s time to get outside and get active.

Spring is the perfect time to bond with your stepkids and experience new adventures together.

Enjoy established, traditional activities, such as camping, biking and going to the beach. You can introduce new outdoor activities to your kids, such as horseback riding or learning how to grow your own herbs.

Here are five unique activities for you to do with the stepkids this spring:

  1. Go Camping

Camping is a traditional rite of passage. Kids should go on a camping trip at least once in their childhood.

You don’t have to “rough it” to enjoy camping, but a night away from technology would probably do everyone some good. Take a hike and explore national park trails before returning to your campsite or cabin to roast hot dogs make S’mores.

Make your camping trip all the more unique by staying in a yurt, vintage airstream or tiny home built into a tree. Many of these unique stays may be found on sites such as Glamping and Airbnb.

  1. Ride Bikes Together

happy stepfather and son riding bikes in summer parkDo the little ones know how to ride a bike yet? Add training wheels and you are set to go on your first bike riding lesson.

Take a bike ride with the whole family and explore greenways or the city. This is a great way to spend time together, get exercise and learn more about bike safety.

Kids and adults should always wear helmets and elbow and knee pads while using the appropriate turn signals when traveling with traffic.

You will see sites on your bike ride you would usually ignore in the car. It’s easy to slow down, park your bike and explore, grabbing a bite to eat at a food truck or local restaurant.

Riding your bike is an environmentally-friendly and a wonderful way to teach your stepkids to appreciate and take care of nature.

  1. Take a Day Trip to the Beach

As the days grow hotter, hit the beach before vacation season and enjoy a splash in the ocean. Pick up seashells to make crafts with, and be sure to bring toys to build sand castles.

Let the kids bury you in the sand. Always wear sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15,

and take along protective gear to keep you in the shade, such as umbrellas, sunglasses and hats. Apply the sunscreen every few hours and at least thirty minutes before you hit the beach, preferably using a waterproof sunscreen.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy at the beach beside catching the sun and waves. Teach the little kids to swim in the big sea.

You can boogie board, sail, fish and take a tour along the beach, learning about the natural plants there. On certain beaches, you can even take eco-tours on horseback, which is a perfect introduction to horseback riding!

  1. Grow Your Own Herbs

Introduce children to growing their own food by creating a small container garden of herbs that love the sun. Mint plants are easy to grow and do well in the sun as well as in partial shade.

Examples of mints to plant include sage, basil, peppermint and lemon balm. When planting mint, grow each one in its own container, as some have the habit of spreading.

Plant each baby plant about two feet apart if using larger containers or raised beds, topdressing the plants with fertilizer or compost every few months. Make sure the herbs get at least four to six hours of sunlight.

Plant mints, or other herbs, that you will include in your cooking to help contain their growth rate. Follow the directions for watering and sun on plant labels.

Now, you can cook with your stepkids!

  1. Take a Trip to the Playground

What’s spring without a trip to the playground? Swinging on the swing set is fun all ages.

There are educational games to share with the stepkids on the playground, too. Engage their physical and mental imagination by learning about nature while developing skills to balance, run, reach, crawl and jump.

stepfather and son playing on monkey bars at the park

Playtime outdoors improves academic and social skills, as they are actively engaged on the playground. Children may participate in an outdoor scavenger hunt or play traditional playground games of Red Rover, Red Light-Green Light and Hop Scotch.

Ladybugs, flowers and other bits of nature expose children to the hows and whys of the natural world. As the days of spring grow warmer and brighter, take the stepkids outdoors for adventures and to explore nature.

Share a few of your favorite games and outdoor experiences, such as playing Red Rover or going camping at a nearby national park. Teach skills your stepkids will use for a lifetime, such as growing their own herbs and food.

Kids love to learn and play. This spring is a time to build unforgettable and fun memories.

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Author Jennifer Landis is a healthy living blogger posting on parenting, fitness, and food on her excellent blog, Mindfulness Mama. Originally from New Jersey, she now calls Pennslyvania home where she is a proud wife and mama. Jennifer describes herself as a tea-drinking, yoga loving, distance running, nutrition nut, writer, and journalist. She loves making new friends.

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