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A Tree House Can Be The Perfect Bonding Tool

If you want to find a great way to bond with your stepchild that will make plenty of time for some extra conversation, and may just possibly be one the most memorable things of their entire childhood, you may want to consider building a tree house.  A tree house is something  almost every kid wants.

When you bring up the idea, you can create a tree house made for you and your child to enjoy together. A tree house is sure to make your kid the envy of the neighborhood and a great way to build a healthy relationship.  

When you include your stepchild in every step of the planning, preparing and building; you’re creating a great platform for open communication, team work and trust. This is what the child needs from a step parent, as well as what you need to establish a common ground where you both can build upon your relationship.

How to Build a Tree House

Of course, whether you have built a tree house before or not, it is always good to have an idea of where you need to start, what supplies you will need and a basic idea of how difficult the build will be. You’re going to have to bring your own conversation and teamwork of course, but we can lend a helping hand on the steps you need to take to get the best possible tree house.

  1. Choose a sturdy tree to build the tree house on. You should build on one that is strong, or use a couple beams to support the weight of the tree house.
  2. Talk with your step child about plans for the tree house to determine what size you want to build. Choose plans that fit not only with your personal preference, but also with the tree, or trees, that you chose. You can download plans for building specific houses right online as well as buy them through various hardware stores.
  3. You can buy the specific items you need to build the tree house or go with a kit that helps you build the tree house with all the items needed. A kit can be a little expensive, but it might be more ideal if you don’t have tree house building experience.
  4. Work together creating the tree house with the materials or kit. You want to teach and be patient throughout the process. Don’t forget to include your stepchild every step of the way to really make your bonding time worthwhile.
  5. Once the tree house has been built, be sure to take time to really enjoy it and be sure to decorate it inside and out. You can have them use their imagination and creativity when making it a space they can call their own. This is one of the great parts about tree houses. You can give them unlimited creativity and their own space and by giving them the power to make choices, you can let them see how much you care.

Help With the Tree House

Of course, if you don’t have a handy bone in your body, hiring the professional help of a contractor might be ideal. You can then work with them and your stepchild to build the perfect tree house.

Once done, you both can take the time to personalize it and put the finishing touches on the inside and outside. To find a contractor in your area, you can utilize a website such as https://www.contractorstoday.com/.

While it is important to be stern when you have too, it is just as important to create trust and bond with the child. You may not play the same exact role as the biological father, but you still need to put on a strong supporting role that is going to encourage and build the child for years to come.

Through this bonding activity, not only are you creating a bond with the child, but you’re also paving the stones for the future you will share together.

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Get five tips to giving your kids the tree house of their dreams.

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