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How To Choose The Right Fashion Belt

Unlike women, men have very little accessorizing options in their fashion wardrobe. This forces men to be a bit more creative with the limited options they have to make a fashion statement.

To men, the options have to be optimized for both functionality and style. The belt, for example, is one of the few men’s accessories that plays an important role of holding pants in place and also improves one’s style.

Men should consider certain aspects and attributes of a belt before buying one. Outlined below are a few tips on how to choose the right belt for your wardrobe.


  1. Have Your Needs In Mind

Do you need the belt as an accessory, to hold your pants up or serve both purposes? These are some of the things you should have thought about when shopping for a belt.

If you’re inclined to an accessory belt, you then should look into things such as the buckle, the belt’s face, and its overall look and feel.

Some of the best pieces on the market today have specialty buckles that can be engraved with a meaningful symbol, school emblem or even your initials.

You could also go for fashion belts with decorative ends too.

If you, however, need a more official or functional belt, you should then go for a simple design. You may want to go for a more durable and fitting belt as well.

A multi-purpose belt gives a mix of simplicity and attractiveness.

2. Consider The Size

You will need an appropriately sized belt matching your pants as well. Spend some time trying out different belts to determine the best size for your pants.

Be sure to check both ends of the belt. Make sure they have enough room for growth or shrinkage.

With the various belt brands out there, it should be fun trying out different types before determining the most appropriate one for your size.

3. Color

how to choose the right fashion belt - three leather belts and pantsMany people believe the belt should always match your shoes. This, however, isn’t the case, as you can match your belt with your pants, khakis or another accessory you may have on.

To be on the safe side, consider light-colored belts for khakis or even brown ones. Although a black belt may be typical, it certainly matches most clothes and a preferred option for many.

You could also use the color of your pants to choose the right belt for the same.

4. Personalize

Don’t be like every other person having black belts. Consider a change for a start to express your individuality.

For instance, you could look for belts with varying textures, themes or buckles with something you fancy or love. The key to finding the best fashion belt is trying out different fashion belts in various stores.

how to choose the right fashion belt - colored leather belts in store

Hundreds of fashion stores do sell these belts. Make maximum use of these to get something unique and fashionable.

Never settle on the first fashion style or belt you see, shop around for more before deciding on an item.

5. Set A Budget 

One thing about men’s fashion is almost everything is simple and fairly priced. The belt, for example, is made of a metal buckle and a little leather.

Everything else is just punching, sewing and styling. Some manufacturers may choose to emboss decorative styles on the belt, or just apply a particular design on the same.

Most of these designs do not last long, which is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t spend a fortune on the same. If you really want something special then a handmade leather belt is as good as it gets.


Follow the tips outlined above to find an affordable yet fashionable belt. Women too can use these tips to buy excellent belt gifts for their boyfriends and husbands.

While you shouldn’t settle for an inferior design, do not go for a pricey one for that matter. What is important is functionality, fashion statement, and durability.

Have an open mind when shopping for a fashion belt, you never know what you would find.

About The Author

Cormac Reynolds writes on fashion for some blogs and thoroughly enjoys it. When he’s not writing for fashion blogs, he loves to travel.

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