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Six Surprising Benefits Of Weight Loss for Men

Most men know a regular exercise regimen combined with a healthy diet can contribute to building muscle and weight loss. However, losing excess pounds offers a lot more benefits than just better fitting clothes. 

Here are six surprising benefits you’ll enjoy once you shed the fat.

Your Performance In Bed Will Improve

The effects of blood vessels clogged with fat on a heart are well-known.

However, the side-effects on the genitals are not as widely known.

In Canada, the University of Sherbrooke discovered about a third of overweight men typically suffer from erectile dysfunction. This is a problem is easily cured with weight loss combined with a healthy diet.

Also, losing that paunch could add up to an additional inch to your penis which is another great reason to lose weight.

Decreases The Risks Associated With Disease

Conditions like Type 2 diabetes is less likely to occur in obese people that lose just 10% of their overall weight. Losing weight also improves the condition of people who already have Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure a result of being overweight.

If you’re already on medications for these problems and then lose weight, in many instances, you’ll see an improvement in your blood glucose and blood pressure readings. This can result in your doctor reducing if not eliminating the medications you’re on for their condition.

Weight loss in overweight people also decreases the chances of obesity-related and life-threatening cancers, stroke and heart disease.

Men diagnosed as pre-diabetic have frequently seen an improvement in their blood sugar levels with weight loss as well as a reduction in the risk of becoming a Type 2 diabetic. Obese persons with asthma have noticed drastic improvements in their condition.

For example, a reduction in their need for medication or their condition is no longer significant enough to be considered a continuing medical problem. If you’re serious about losing those extra pounds, then check out this list of recommended products from EPIX Weight Loss Solutions.

Improved Hormonal Balance

When thinking about hormones, you may think back to when you were a teenager. However, hormones play a significant role and the thyroid gland is responsible for making and releasing two vital hormones.

These hormones are what regulate the metabolism as well as affect your muscle strength along with other things. When you start to lose excess fat, the hormones begin to stabilize which translates into an easier way to further weight loss or maintain your current weight goal.

Your Food Will Start To Taste Better

This may sound strange, but it’s true. Scientists state that swapping fast food such as burgers and fries for brown rice and broccoli has the potential to make your food much more enjoyable.

One of the possible explanation for this is when you are overweight it influences your hormone levels in every area of the body. This changes the way in which the taste receptors are relaying information to the brain.

A study by the Stanford University discovered overweight men have a lower taste sensitivity as the taste buds are dulled due to overuse.

You Will Save Your Joints

Being overweight is the fastest way to joint pain and inflammation.

Losing just a single pound can relieve about four pounds of pressure on the knees.

In a 2010 study in the Annals of Rheumatic Disease indicated weight loss could decrease pain and improve joint functioning as well as prevent arthritis.

All of these things are a benefit of weight loss. They will help you feel better about yourself and also improve your health.

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