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J J Novelties Product Review

It was nearing the end of my son’s birthday party, and it was time to pass out the goody bags. I watched as each kid eagerly took and inspected the contents of their bag. 

Their eyes opened as wide as their bags when they found glow stick bracelets, miniature candy bars, flying LED helicopter shooters and other novelties. 

I witnessed their excitement and pure joy as they began playing with their new trinkets. Some of the kids rushed outside and began shooting their helicopters into the sky, while others were racing their pull back cars on the sidewalk.

The remaining kids were modeling colorful bracelets and slinging their flying saucer disks. And of course, there were the noise makers. Despite the noise and activity levels, we allowed the kids to savor their play as long as they were safely having fun.

In making the goody bags, the Pretty Lady and I visited a store that sold party supplies.  All of the items were priced individually so you can imagine how quickly the price escalated especially when making 25 bags.

It would have been nice to be able to buy quality toys in bulk for a reasonable price. Thank goodness for J.J. Novelty goods.

The Products

J J Novelty sells two different products:

  • 100 piece – Party Favors & Goody Bag Toy Assortment
  • 62 piece – LED Light Toy & Glow In The Dark Party Favor Toy Assortment

The Price

The 100 piece bag currently sells for $18.25 and the 62 piece bag for $18.75 – very reasonably priced.

The Contents

Each bag contains a variety and quantity of toys, sure to please even the most discriminating kids.

  • 100 piece Party Favors & Goody Bag Toy Assortment
    • Flying Saucer Dishes
    • Eye Ball Finger Rings
    • Dragon Noise Maker
    • Pull Back Race Cars
    • Mouth Whistles
    • Rotating Newton’s Cradle Balls
    • Bracelets
    • Bouncing Balls
    • Attn: Value Added – Your order comes with a free e-book, “Plan the Ultimate Kid’s Birthday Party,” complete with:
      • 8 Must Know Birthday Party Secret Tips
      • 50 fun children’s party games
      • The Perfect Birthday Party Checklist
      • Perfect Party Games & Activities
      • Perfect Birthday Party Food Menu

The information in the e-book alone is easily worth the value of the entire package.

  • 62 piece LED Light Toy & Glow In The Dark Party Favor Toy Assortment
    • Flying LED Helicopter Shooters
    • Aviator Glow Stick Glasses
    • LED Finger Flashlights
    • Glow Stick Bracelets

What Others Say

Reviewers frequently commented on:

  • The fast delivery
  • Quality toys – no cheap stuff
  • How much the kids enjoy the products

The Uses

While the toys are ideal for goody bags here are some other great uses:

  • Carnival Prizes
  • Piñata Fillers
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Doctor/Dentist/Barber/Hair Stylist Give-A-Ways
  • Classroom Rewards
  • Classroom Treasure Boxes
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • Harvest Festivals

One more use would be for family bonding.  Think how cool your kids would think you are if you take them out one evening to launch helicopter shooters while wearing aviator glow stick glasses.

Money Back Guarantee

J J Novelty stands behind their product and is confident your kids will love playing with them. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

The Importance of Play

Less Time For Playing

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the amount of time kids spend playing daily has decreased considerably over the last few decades.

The amount of play time was reduced both at school and home according to the AAP.

Why Less Time 

Many school districts have responded to increased government pressure about academics (including the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001) by reducing the time committed to free play to focus more on reading and mathematics.

A child’s playtime at home has been negatively affected by the hectic lifestyles of today’s working parents and the increased emphasis that parents often put on the academic end of their children’s education. But this all comes at a cost.

The Cost

Today’s kids are showing higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. They even resort to cheating in school more than ever before, according to the AAP.

Helping Your Child Reach Their Potential

The least stressful path to helping your child reach their potential is to find the right balance between work and play.

Here are some recommendations from the AAP:

  • Give kids ample, unscheduled time to be creative, to reflect, and to decompress
  • Encourage your children to engage in active play (running around or playing tag) instead of passive entertainment (video games or television)
  • Buy your kids “true” toys that encourage imagination and creativity
  • Spend unscheduled, unstructured time together with your kids
  • Ask your child regularly whether he feels overly tired, burned out, or over scheduled
  • Allow your children to have a say in which extracurricular activities they are involved in

J J Novelties can be considered true toys allowing children to disconnect from video games and computers. The novelties encourage your kids to engage in active play where they can use their imagination and creativity. 

About The Author

In 1995, Gerardo Campbell married his wife Roberta aka the Pretty Lady and became the stepdad to her two children. In 2011, he started the website Support for Stepfathers to reverse the nearly 70% divorce rate for blended families in the United States. His website is to help and inspire stepfathers, aspiring stepfathers and the women who love them worldwide. You can follow Support for Stepdads on Twitter and Facebook.

I received a free 62 piece LED Light Toy & Glow In The Dark Party Favor Toy Assortment and 100 piece Party Favors & Goody Bag Toy Assortment in exchange for an unbiased review.

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