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Tips For Selecting A Promise Ring

Have you been dating someone for a while? Do you want to make a statement about your level of commitment?

A promise ring is a great symbol of love and devotion. If you truly want to make your girlfriend feel special and help her to see the way you feel about her, a promise ring is the way to go.

Some people date and don’t see a future with the person they’re with. Others take their relationship seriously and hope it continues to progress going forward.

If you’re in the second category, and you think your girlfriend is on the same page, giving her a promise ring takes your relationship to the next level. However, have a conversation about where your relationship is going, before you give the ring.

There is also nothing wrong with getting a promise ring from your girlfriend, either. Many guys are now wearing these rings to show everyone they meet they have someone they love, care about and are committed to.

A promise ring is great first step, if you’re in a serious relationship, know you’re not ready to get married but you want to move in that direction. It’s a commitment between the two of you that you want to spend of your lives together.

Essentially, you are stating when the time is right, you will propose and the two of you will begin to plan your lives together.

Tips for Selecting A Promise Ring

You should put a lot of thought into selecting a promise ring. When you think about what it symbolizes, this needs to be a special piece of jewelry.

It’s something your partner will always have on. It’s something your partner will show off to others. Therefore, invest some time into your decision, but don’t stress out about it!

It can be easy to select a promise ring if you following these simple steps.

  1. Pick a Ring Fitting Her Personality and Style

Above all else, you want your honey to like the ring. After spending significant time together, you should know her style. Think about the jewelry she has and wears often. That will point you in the right direction.

If you’ve thought about it and you truly don’t know what to get, you can bring her girlfriend in on the decision-making process. The two of you can pick something out together, so there’s no question she’ll like it.

You can also shop together to get an idea and then go back later and pick something out you know she’ll like. This will allow you to give her the ring on a special occasion, at a time and venue you choose down the road.

Promiseringsforcouples.net has a wide selection of rings and is well worth a look.

  1. Pick a Ring that Doesn’t Look Like an Engagement Ring

You need to be clear this is a promise ring and not an engagement ring.

To that end, you don’t want the ring to look like something it isn’t. Your girlfriend could think she’s about to be a fiance, and then you will have to have an awkward conversation about your intentions.

  1. Gemstones are the Way to Go

Look for a promise ring featuring a prominent gemstone. There are plenty of gemstone rings on the market, and they look nothing like engagement rings.

When you select a gemstone ring, it’s easy to make your intentions clear. Also, gemstone rings are much more likely to fit into your budget.

A diamond engagement ring, in comparison, can cost thousands of dollars. For the promise ring, you want to keep things much more reasonable.

  1. Use Her Birthstone

Look up her birthstone. When you’re looking for promise rings, try and buy one featuring her birthstone.

Doing so indicates shows you put thought and care into your purchase and didn’t pick up any old ring from the jewelry store.

There are some months, for example, June, October, November and December that have more than one gem as the birthstone. Select the one your woman will like best.

As far as the setting goes, you really can’t go wrong. Rose gold is very popular right now. Sterling silver is a traditional choice that is always in style. It’s also quite affordable.

Promise rings vary in price. The total cost could be as low as $50 or as high as $350. Think about your budget in advance and enter the purchase process with a specific number in mind.

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