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Stepdad Poetry ~ Reflections and Regrets


Reflections and Regrets










Did I ever really thank you
For all that you had done?
For cherishing my mother,
And taking in her son?
For all the things you were to us
And all you meant to me?
For being so much more than
Any stepdad had to be?

You came into our lives right when
We needed you the most;
You healed my mothers wounded heart,
And drew our family close.
You helped me come out of my shell;
You were my truest friend.
You loved us both with all your heart
Right up until the end.

Oh! How I wish I’d told you
Much more often than I did
How you were quite a hero
To at least one happy kid.
I wish that God would give to me
Just one more hour to say
All of the things I should have said
Before you passed away.


~ Ozarkmaid


Live with no Excuses and Love with no Regrets...


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