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Stepdad Poetry ~ Mr. Man








Dear Mr. Man,

My mommy said she was gonna marry you.
She said today would be the special day.
I got a very pretty dress to wear for it,
And so did Mom.  You see, we match that way.
She looks real pretty in her dress.  You’ll like it.
She also looks so happy, and I’m glad.
She hasn’t looked as smiley for a long time,
I don’t think since she said goodbye to Dad.
He went away, you know, and I was lonely,
But Mommy says you’ll be my Daddy now.
I think that will be nice, because I like you,
And I don’t think Dad would mind too much, somehow.
Oh!  Here comes Mommy!  Doesn’t she look pretty?
I get to throw the petals on the floor.
I’d better start now, cause she’s started walking, 
And soon she will be coming through the door.
She’s looking at you, almost like an angel.
Do you know what I think now, Mr. Man?
I think, I really do, that Mommy loves you.
And she’s so nice, that anybody can
Love her right back.  And so I’m sure that you do.
So now I wanna ask something to you:
Do you think, Mr. Man, that if you tried hard,
Then maybe you will someday love me, too?

~  Ozarkmaid


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