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How To Be A Work At Home Mom Success Story

If you’ve decided to work from home, the sort of business or career path you’ve chosen all require the same dedication to be successful. You can start running your online empire or have a CV and cover letter writing service – it doesn’t matter.

The steps to becoming a successful work at home mom are all the same. So, to help you I’ve compiled a few tips that might just make things easier for you.

These are not just things you have to do to be successful. Most of them are working practices that should be followed whether working at corporate or at home.

We all know working from home can bring out the best in us. We’re more relaxed missing the treachery of office politics and running into the glass ceiling.

Most importantly, you get to be with your child as they grow up rather than missing out on all the milestones of their growing up. All mothers who take this path will still be faced with many challenges, it will not be easy and can be stressful.

Trying to divide your work and home can be a monumental task at the best of times. Get it right though, and you will be on top of the world.

Dealing with Household Distractions

If you’re continuously interrupted, you won’t be able to get anything done. On some occasions, you might have older kids who are on vacation or have regular family visitors.

While school is in session, this problem shouldn’t arise, yet during vacations, you’ll have bedlam. How do you deal with this?

You have to stand firm and assert your parental authority. As with family visits, all of them have to understand you have do things like work.

You have committed to a new life, and they have to come to terms with your decision. With children, you should encourage them to be out and about.

For family, they’ll have to wait until the weekends for visits.

Creating a Comfortable Daily Routine

If you have a busy workday, the strength of a routine can help you get through it. Even small things can have a much more significant impact.

A short afternoon coffee break can help you unwind for a few minutes before the last few hours of work. If you’ve created habits and rituals, you’re less likely to stray away from your essential duties and daily goals.

Daily Planner and To-do-list

We all love building to-do-lists. Unless the list is manageable they don’t work as well as you would like.

You are better off with a desk planner, where you can give all your tasks an allotted time-slot. Not only can you see what you have remaining, but you can also look at the times you have available to allocate to these tasks.

Also, make sure you allocate time for your personal tasks as well.


At some point, we all have to have meetings. By using your business planner, you can see when you’re available and how long your session will last.

Careful planning can help you from getting distracted in meetings that run over their allotted times.

Domestic Help

At times, you might find your workload too much for you to get to your daily household duties. There shouldn’t be any reason for you to shy away from hiring some domestic help when you need it.

It might be the case, you decide to hire someone full time. This can ease the pressure on you, yet still allow you to be around your children.

A hand with daily household duties can allow you to focus more on becoming a work at home mom success story. While these few tips might seem too simplistic to bother with, put them into practice and you will see a major difference in your productivity.

A lot has to deal with a skill you might not realize you already have – Time Planning. Much of what you do is about successfully managing your time.

If you successfully manage your time you’ll be able to stay on top of your income producing work and more than enough time to spend with your family. After all, that’s one of the main reasons you’re working to be a successful work at home mom.

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Emma Anderson is the head resume writer at Job Frog Resumes. She balances taking care of her energetic two-year-old girl, her hungry husband, career and social life – just managing to fit sleep in there somewhere. You can connect with Emma on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/JobFrogResumes/ and Twitter – @jobfrogresumes

Being a stay-at-home mom isn’t a life of ease and comfort. Stay-at-home moms are challenged daily with very hectic routines.

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