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Winter And Christmas Style Guide

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Although the official start of winter is a few days away, many of us are already enjoying snow and cold weather. Enjoying?

Your home may have started to take on that vibe. You know the one I’m talking about.

It’s the same as those shorts, skirts, short sleeved shirts and t-shirts in your wardrobe. That “out of place” feel.

You go to work in the dark, and when you leave, it’s dark. Colors seem muted, and everything just appears less inviting.

Not to worry. The thoughtful folks from the Rug Seller have put together a winter and Christmas style guide.

The guide is inspired by some of our favorite holiday movies to help you bring color, warmth, light, and style back into your home. Forget about closing the curtains and hibernating for the winter.

The Rug Seller offers some beautiful ideas that will make you want to show your house off to guests this Christmas and turn the darkest of days into a celebration. Whether your tastes are more inclined towards the traditional, or if you prefer a more contemporary take on Christmas, they’ve devised this handy infographic to keep you joyful this holiday season, with suggestions ranging from a few Christmassy touches to complete decoration overhauls.

Winter and Christmas Style Guide Infographic

Winter and Christmas Style Guide Infographic by The Rug Seller.

Now that you’ve made the inside of your home inviting and festive make sure you make your front yard equally as welcoming. Get a few inspirational ideas to help you decorate the front of your house in a way that suits your personal tastes and allows you to take an active part in this year’s Christmas celebration.

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