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Keeping Your Family Safe and Sound

Four Technologies Keeping Your Family Safe and Sound

In today’s world, it’s challenging to keep our families safe and sound. Whether it’s a terrorist attack, child abduction or burglary, it’s crucial to use every means at your disposal to keep your family safe.

Thanks to several advances in technology, families have many options available to protect them from danger. The following are some of the best.

Wearable Tracking Devices

Made for kids as well as seniors who may be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Wearable tracking devices look like watches or miniature smartphones.

The devices are worn on the wrist or clipped to backpacks, belts or shirt pockets. These tools let parents or caregivers set up predetermined boundaries.

If the person goes past these boundaries, the parent or caregiver receives an alert.

Easy to use, they can help avoid having children, elderly parents or others from getting abducted or lost.

Automatic Automobile Braking Systems

When you and your family are on the road, you never know what might happen. As a result, auto manufacturers now incorporate automatic braking systems in many vehicles.

Automatic braking systems combine sensors and brake controls to help prevent high-speed collisions. Some automatic braking systems can avoid collisions altogether.

However, most of the braking systems merely reduce the vehicle’s speed before it hits something. You can automatically stop if onboard computers sense a panic stop.

A panic stop is when a driver quickly shifts from the gas to the brake pedal.

Home Security System

Over the years, home security systems have significantly improved giving homeowners more control and increased protection.

According to “Securing Home and Business” by Simon Hakim/Erwin Blackstone, homes without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar. Just having an alarm system in most cases is enough to protect your home and family from break-in.

Installing an alarm system is a smart investment. A quality system allows for monitoring your home 24/7.

Many of today’s systems are now able to connect with smartphone apps. The apps allow you and family members to:

  • Lock and unlock doors,
  • Turn lights off and on, and
  • Monitor your yard for suspicious activity by having outdoor wireless CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) cameras.

Spy Cams

If you suspect a babysitter may be harming your child or possibly stealing from you, using a spy cam is a great way to gather evidence and catch evildoers in the act.

Spy cams can look like clocks, stuffed teddy bears, picture frames and other everyday items. They are also relatively inexpensive and very easy to use.

A spy cam can also be a great way to monitor your children as they play with friends in your home or the backyard. You always want to keep your family as safe as possible.

By incorporating some or all of these items into your family’s life, chances are good you will maintain a high level of safety and security. Whether it’s using a spy cam to see what’s happening when you’re gone, installing an alarm system to keep burglars away, or using a wearable tracking device for your kids or elderly parents.

The good news is there are now more high-tech options than ever to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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