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fixing your home's biggest utility drains - words "Utility Bills"

Fixing Your Home’s Biggest Utility Drains

Perhaps you moved into a new home a month or two ago and just got your first utility bills. If your eyes almost popped out of your head when you saw the cost of your heating and water bills, then it’s time for some evaluation.

You don’t have to accept your home costs twice as much to heat as your previous home that was the same size. There are several factors to consider if your utility bills are more than you feel they should be.

Water Bill is Too High

This is a common one people often complain about. Water is typically one the least expensive utilities.

It’s time to be suspicious, if you find yourself with a bill over $100 a month.

fixing your home's biggest utility drains - diagram of toilet tank parts

One of the prime culprits of a high-water bill are running toilets. Toilets having either leaking flappers or malfunctioning flush valves will run and run.

The noise is so subtle you may not even notice. But if you find yourself with a water bill you are unhappy with, check the toilets.

You’ll likely have a problem, if you hear a water flowing sound that continues beyond 15-20 seconds of flushing.

The water will continue to run if your flapper (piston) is not properly sealed. This is because the toilet tank can never fill to the appropriate fill line since water keeps leaking from the tank back into the toilet.

Fortunately, this is an easy fix.

You can replace the flapper and chain for under $30 with a replacement from your local hardware store or home depot. Once you have your replacement part, shut off the water valve behind your toilet.

You can then simply remove the flapper by slipping it off the holding arms. Unclip the metal chain and remove the flapper and chain.

Replace it with the new set and turn the water valve back on. Fixing a running toilet will return your water bill back to normal in no time.

Heating Bill Too High

fixing your home's biggest utility drains - picture  of thermostat showing heating expenseTypically, the biggest culprit here is an outdated or malfunctioning furnace that doesn’t heat your home efficiently. Repairing or replacing your furnace can reduce your heating bill tremendously.

It will also mitigate the risk of carbon monoxide leaks into your home. You can seek the advice from experts like Logan A/C & Heat Services Inc. or a similar provider in your area to see if repair or replacement will give you the best return on investment.

For example, you might have a blocked or restricted air flow causing you the high bills. This can be repaired without the full expense of a new furnace.

It’s well worth to investigate the cause of any high utility bills. You may find some easy fixes that pay immediate dividends.

Since you pay utility bills monthly, reducing those regular costs can save you a significant chunk of dough in the long term. It’s easy to overlook these costs as “just the price of living”, but don’t miss out on the real benefits of efficient home utilities.

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