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Board Games A Catalyst For STEM Development

Another hectic day passed. Lying in bed, I was staring at the family picture on the wall.  

The brightest thing I could find in the picture was my kids’ beautiful smiles. The cool breeze coming through the windows soothed my mind, and I went back down the memory lane.

The Pressure is Real

Becoming a mother is the most beautiful thing God blessed me with. Though my journey with kids has always been incredible, I can’t deny I’ve also felt pressure in handling responsibilities single handily from time to time.

Sometimes I didn’t have time for myself. It made me frustrated, but the mother within pushed me to put aside all my desires for my kids’ better future.

I’m sure as moms you encounter the same challenges. Be encouraged as I will share with you how I found a magical solution to this problem.

What I Found

As mothers, we always seek the best for our children. We don’t want to compromise on their future at any price; rather we sacrifice our dreams to lift their future.

But what if you find a way that helps in child development, and at the same gives you some time for yourself? One day the idea registered in my mind – why not involve kids in some fun-cum-learning activities in their leisure hours?

After long research, I finally decided to engage them in playing educational board games. I made this choice because I learned board games develop STEM, social, and negotiation skills in kids through playful learning.

Kids New Found Interest

I still remember the first time I encouraged my kids to play board games. They giggled and said, “Mom, these are old. We don’t want to play.”

I struggled to convince them. Finally, the kids agreed when their father and I joined them.

As a couple of days passed, the whole scenario changed. I was surprised and glad as well.

I could see my idea working. My kids became so fond of board games they used to wait eagerly and then playing hours.

I also managed to use kids’ leisure time for my works.

Kids Improvements

The exciting part were the signs of positive growth in my children. Before, they were reluctant to study STEM subjects; their grades were poor.

The board games made them practice these skills playfully without even their knowledge. Now, I’m proud to say my kids have significantly improved in STEM.

They now score better than 90% in science and math. Before introducing board games to my kids, they used to cry or get angry after losing in any play.

The children sitting together and playing regularly greatly improved their communication and social skills. Also, through regular play my kids learned sportsmanship and team spirit.

I could see them behaving in matured way. I am telling you from my personal experience that board games play a significant role in the mental growth of kids.

It’s A Squirrel Life

You may be uncertain in selecting appropriate board games for your kids. One of the games you should consider is “It’s A Squirrel’s Life.”

It’s a family-friendly tabletop game designed by Randy Hecht, an aerospace engineer. The game gives kids a candid experience of a cute tree squirrel’s world.

Do you know it’s Randy’s animal loving nature that inspired him to adapt squirrel life as the very theme of his board game? Randy’s passion for animal saving persuades him to donate a percentage of proceed to local animal charities.

If you want to grow confidence and sportsmanship in your child, this game is a perfect choice for you. It will develop kids’ STEM and social skills.

Wrapping It Up

Life seems perfect when perfect balance exists. I was worried, depressed because I wasn’t able to manage everything. As soon as my kids started playing educational games, I could see their progress gradually.

Being a relaxed mother I also engaged myself in activities I loved always, to reduce the pressure and stress. Believe me, board games really worked. So, what are you waiting for?

About The Author

Hi, this is Selena Thomas from California. I am a Proud Mom of two beautiful kids. I love researching and sharing creative ideas which improve my kid’s and others STEM skills. Currently, I am reviewing various board games like “It’s A Squirrel’s Life.” You can follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.


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