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Looking For A Summer Camp In The Fall

Many parents may think there’s no rush to start thinking of summer camps in the fall. However, if you ask any camp staff members, they will have started planning in September.

Why as a parent would you want to do the same?

Camp Themes

Today’s summer camps cover the spectrum of themes:

  • Sports,
  • Education,
  • Arts,
  • Girls,
  • Boys,
  • Arts,
  • Overnight,
  • Traditional and
  • Family

Areas of Engagement

While at camp your kids will get a chance to engage in:

  • Various activities,
  • Finding new friends,
  • Learning valuable life skills,
  • Creating and developing interest in their own talents,
  • Developing their character and
  • Getting a feel for being away from home and parents.

Since your child is on their own they’ll get to make decisions for themselves.

This will help them grow in confidence, handling independence and acceptance of increased responsibility.

They will also learn more about different places in discover and adventure summer camp programs. Camp organizers are a trained and committed team.

The appointed counselors are responsible for guiding and safe guarding the campers. If your child’s heard of the idea, more than likely they will want to experience this as well.

Finding A Camp

Trying to figure out where you feel the most comfortable sending your child may take substantial time and research. If you wait until summer, you’re likely not going to find a place in time to let your child take the trip.

The fall is a good time to ask if your child is interested in going, and it allows you to discuss several options with them.

For parents who are new to this process, you’ll be happy to know there are several available summer camps providing open enrollment year-round. Camps do this to make sure they’re attended at full capacity by the time summer begins.

The majority of campers who attend are usually of junior or high school age. Frequently they are return visitors.

Usually, the siblings of return campers get priority registering. The remaining slots are then given to new campers.

Keep this in mind as you search for a summer camp, since the limited amount of spots tend to disappear quickly, long before the summer starts. Many parents prefer premier overnight camps.

These are places where the camp makes it their mission to balance the different personalities they allow to visit. What does this mean in terms of the process?

The Process

Besides filling out the application and paying the fees, your child will also have to go through a screening process. This helps assure you as a parent your child will be among good company, where the staff members care about their well being.

Summer camps like these become second families for your children. They will meet other kids they can easily bond with, and have a great time creating lasting friendships.

Talk to your child now about what they expect in a summer camp. Compile lists of requirements for both you and your child before you begin your research to avoid major let-downs after enrolling.

Remember, your child will be at camp for an extended amount of time, so sending them to a fun and safe place that is crucial. Also, there are agencies that can assist you in finding good matches for your children.

If this is your first time and you want some help, feel free to contact them and ask all the questions you need to. 

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