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What To Do When Your Kid Plugs The Tub

It’s possible for the bathtub drain to become clogged for several reasons. These clogs often occur in the drain basket located at the top of the drain.

Clogs can also be found in the drain’s cross hairs or the area located beneath the drain basket. Hair, soap scum and items from kids can collect there.

Drain Construction

All bathtub drains are constructed in a similar way. At the base of a drainpipe is a curved portion known as the trap.

This is known as a “P” trap because this is its shape. The curve is designed to trap small amounts of water and stop sewer gas from coming up the pipe into the house.

It’s possible for the trap to become blocked. Certain items can go down the drain and get caught in the trap.

When water drains slowly or is clogged, the trap is usually what is blocked.

Drain Basket

The most effective way to unclog a drain will depend on where the clog is located and what tools you have to unclog it. If a plumber in Orem, Utah can see what is blocking the drain, it can be removed.

Unraveling a wire coat hanger and forming the end into a hook will work. Use a needle-nose pliers to make the coat hanger hook.

Place the hook into the drain basket. Make certain everything there that could cause a clog is removed.

A majority of bathtub clogs can be cleared by cleaning the drain basket.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

It’s possible to dissolve a clog by pouring half a cup of baking soda down the drain. Make certain it’s all down the drain.

The next step is to slowly pour half a cup of vinegar down the drain. This will cause a fizzing sound and some bubbling.

When this starts, it’s time to cover the drain and wait for the fizzing to stop. Repeat these steps a few times. Once this is finished, it’s best to wait up to 30 minutes and then pour boiling water down the drain to clear it.


If the clog is deeper than the drain basket, it may be time to use a plunger. This will require removing the overflow drain cover by unscrewing the screw and taking out the overflow stopper assembly.

A rag or other item will then have to be placed into the overflow pipe to keep air from getting in and making the plunger ineffective. The bathtub should have enough water in it to cover the plunger.

After several up-and-down motions with the plunger, the air pressure should be able to break the clog. When this happens, flush the drain with hot water then put back on the overflow stopper and cover.

Plumbing Snake

These are available at most hardware store. This will also require removing the overflow cover and assembly.

The end of the plumbing snake needs to be placed into the opening and fed until it meets with significant resistance. When this happens, it is time to carefully turn the snake counter clockwise into the clog.

Do this until the clog breaks apart. If the clog is really thick, it could require doing this a few times before the clog is cleared.

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