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  1. Lindsay Fairbrother-Henige

    I think dressing up is such a good and fun way for kids to learn.


    so cute my grand kids would love this

  3. My -son-loves-to- pretend-to-fight-this-sword and shield-looks-like-it-would-be-great-for-him-


  4. Karen Moore


  5. this prize is nice

  6. I like the review you wrote it looks ĺike your son is having a blast.

  7. I love to encourage dressing up and pretend play-it’s very healthy for kids.

  8. Its healthy for children to pretend

  9. This would be so much fun for little ones. My daughter loves to “dress up”.

  10. I think that these are just great!

  11. This is cool!

  12. My granddaughter would love this, thank you for sharing

  13. Rachel Browning

    I loved dressing up when I was a kid its a great activity for kids

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