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bonding activities for stepdads and kids - stepdad and stepson in the forest

Top 10 Bonding Activities For Stepdads And Kids

One of the most beautiful relationships a kid cherishes is the bond with their father. However, when it comes to welcoming a new member to the family, especially letting a new father step into your life can be a challenge for some kids.

Depending on the kid, it can be difficult for them to adopt you as stepdad. They may be afraid they can’t love you without hurting the relationship with their biodad.

Nevertheless, it’s true kids in their nurturing ages are like water and can adopt the shape of the glass. Children grow attachments with people who show them love and affection and allow them to take part in fun and exciting activities or make them feel happy and complete. 

To let them know you care for them a stepdad needs to hold them tight, hug them affectionately and assure them they can count on you. Here we are trying to get you through certain simple fun ways to find a way to your kid’s heart even after being a stepdad.

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Here are 10 fun tips to find a place in your stepchild’s heart:

  1. Hangout with Your Stepson. Spend an exciting and thrilling day with your stepson. He is trying to learn whether you’re a person they can trust first rather than accepting you as a father, and then just be the same. Move out with him in your car, just you and him and let them enjoy the adventure in the park and throughout the trip and be a part of his fantasy and let him enjoy the illusions of his world. A day without being pampered by his mom away from her may be difficult start initially but once he is friendly with you, he will start enjoying your company to the fullest making your feel happy and totally lost in him.
  1. Go to a Game: Though you may choose any game but the best one would be catch a ball, as it is seen it really excites the kids. They enjoy the game and try discussing the details with you. This will strengthen the bond between you both as you will communicate. All you need to do his buy him baseball gloves, sunscreen, and some team apparels. They will be a part of the team once they are into the uniform and thus enjoy the event even well. Wearing gloves, hooting like other and seeing players on the ground make them happy and thus bring the smile to your face as well.
  1. Go Exploring on a Nature Trip: Have a backpack, a magnifying glass, and a bucket and set on the adventurous trip to explore nature. Children love to see bugs, insects, and flowers with their detective eyes using magnifiers and find it interesting to collect the jewels in the nature to show their creativity to the world by collecting them all in a bucket. So be a kid like them and go exploring, do as they do and even make them do a certain fun task to see how innovative they can be. This will become a part of their memory and they will find your company exciting, thus will choose you over and above everyone.
  1. Go Camping: Have a tent in your garden, with born fire, snacks and a book full of stories. Choose to spend the night with them tenting beneath the stars and telling stories. You will find them narrating stories and questioning a lot as well. But in the tent make them feel you are on a real expedition may be in a forest while you are just in the backyard. Carry bedding as well to let you sleep in a tent during night and feel the pleasure of nature. Children love to have time outside their room during the nights and this is the best and the safest way of all.
  1. Visit a Science Museum: Carry your little scientist to the science museum as a day out with him. Children love to know new every day and science museum can become full of surprises for them. This will give them a chance to see new and feel excited. You may choose to go for zoos or aquarium as well. They are equally entertaining and fun filled. Just carry some snacks and water with sports shoes to walk around the whole day in comfort and let them be free to see the world with their eyes. This picnic may become a doorway for you to his life.
  1. Play Ball: Boys and girls love to play games such as baseball, football or basketball. Regularly, spend some time playing with them and letting them win. They’ll feel happy and boost their self-esteem. This will let you get closer to them and become their hero.
  1. Play Dolls: Girls are their father’s princesses they are not only delicate but their sweet smile takes away all the problems. Having a stepdaughter is a gift so cherish it. Be her toy in the dollhouse. Enjoy her imaginations, dresses, tea parties and games while becoming a part of it and she will definitely accept you as her father.
  1. Build Sand Castles: Go to the beaches in the sunny afternoon with sunscreen on and get on your feet to help your child build a castle out of a sand. They appreciate art and they love to be creative. When you will support their imagination, they will lose themselves into you and become your cute little friends.
  1. Go Shopping: Go out for shopping with them and buy toys with them while playing in the play store. Try to discover their choice and interest and carry them to the correct corner where they can find their toy.
  1. Play Indoor Games: Hand fight is one of the ways letting them feel strong and powerful. Just play some indoor games and let them win with a smile and hug you back with excitement. This will take you to their world and become a member there.

Life is so beautiful when you have a family. Actively seeking to be a part of your stepchildren’s lives gives them happiness, security and makes you feel complete.

Make time for your stepchildren to make them feel you’re there for them; you love and accept them. Things may be difficult at times but being a stepfather is being a hero to a child so do not give up your title and prove to be the best dad ever. 

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