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The Right Man Bag To Match Your Personal Style

Choosing The Right Man Bag To Match Your Personal Style

Men’s bags are on the wave again. All major fashion designers and luxury brands are following this trend, and they were right to do so!

The total value of men’s bags sold in 2014 reached a whopping $2.3 billion. The 2018 projections show $8 billion in sales.

As these bags are back in fashion, most men buy them and wear them proudly. The man-bag is here to stay, be it a backpack, tote or a simple weekender.

The trend is very interesting. Some people go as far as to calling this type of bag a “murse.”

Types of Man Bags

The broad range of available selections can make the choice of the right bag tough for most men.

There are so many styles it’s hard to end up buying only one single bag. Most men who want to be fashionable, buy at least two or three different styles so they can correctly accessorize their outfits.

There are five major types of bags for men.

#1 – The Tote Bag

Tote bags are the best option for those guys who need to carry around a lot of stuff. When you want to take your wallet, tablet, two smartphones and notebook with you, chances are you’ll pick a tote bag.

They’re roomy enough to accommodate all these items and a few more. Besides, this style is quite punchy, thus being preferred by most modern men, regardless their age.

right man bag to match your personal style - men with different style totebagsTotes are lighter and more casual than briefcases, as they are suitable for both business meetings and weekend getaways. You can use them to carry all items that matter, without needing to leave any of your precious gadgets at home.

Totes are made from a wide range of materials. You can choose between leather, canvas, and textiles, in various colors and patterns.

Beware totes are unisex, so choose one that’s not too girly. Keep it simple, and you will look stylish and relaxed.

#2 – The Carryall

Gym aficionados won’t find a tote big enough to accommodate their gear. They need something bigger, so they might be happier with a carryall.

Roomy yet beautiful, the carryall can be the perfect choice for men who workout daily.

right man bag to match your personal style -carryall bagWhile leather is a stylish option, you can safely pick a nylon bag. Modern ones look sporty and classy especially when they are made from a wisely chosen mix of materials.

Some urban style carryalls are made from wool, offering their owners a street fashion look.  As for size matters, make sure you keep it under 55cm (21.6 inches), to be able to carry it around at all times.

By sticking to this size, you’ll be able to use your bag as a carry-on or cabin luggage during your travels.

#3 – The Messenger Bag

Retro posties on bicycles boasted their messenger bags, making them famous all over the world. Its cross-body capability enables you to carry it with ease, even when it’s fully loaded with heavy items.

Buckled, flappy designs are beautiful, as they have this retro look most people adore. Nonetheless, smaller ones, rectangular and featuring zippers, have become quite trendy today.

right man bag to match your personal style - man with messenger bagIf you need to display a dressy look, you should buy your messenger bag from Rivello Leather. Leather is the only material that compliments business outfits.

If you want to wear your messenger bag during your weekends, you can safely pair it with an old pair of jeans. You can also choose lighter materials such as fabric and nylon.

The only thing to avoid when wearing this type of bag is having a too long strap. This makes you look sloppy, so adjust it to fit above your waistline.

#4 – The Folio

The folio has successfully replaced the good old briefcase. Since old-school paper notebooks were replaced by electronic tablets and notepads, a briefcase doesn’t have too much point.

You don’t need such a roomy bag to fit everything you want to take with you to your office.

right man bag to match your personal style - various types of foliosMany significant brands have launched various folio styles. Some of them are zipped, offering you a safe place to put your important documents while commuting to work or to business meetings.

If you need to display a classy style, you should choose a leather folio. Pair it with a nice pair of elegant shoes, and you can attract looks wherever you go.

#5 – The Backpack

The backpack has caught up very fast over the past few years. As modern men want to have their hands free to do various things while walking, they are happy to wear a backpack instead of a briefcase.

right man bag to match your personal style - business man wearing a backpackThese stylish backpacks are available in multiple materials such as cotton, nylon, and leather. They can be very trendy and chic, provided you choose and accessorize them properly.

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