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Tips to help your kids study. Father helping daughter with homework at home.

Tips To Help Your Kids Study

Learning to study and willingness to study are two completely different subjects when it comes to kids. Some kids simply don’t know how to study and they don’t have the best studying skills.

Others are simply unwilling to take the time to focus on the topics they need to cover for the next day or for an upcoming test.

As a parent, what do you do? How do you help your kids turn from whatever is currently distracting them to taking the time and having the skills they need to succeed in the competitive world of school?

Like we’ve been doing since our kids were born – you help them! You don’t do it for them…you show them how to do it for themselves.

And with these tips, you can make it easy for them and less painful on you as well.

Helping Your Child Study

Study Place. Help your child create a space to study where they’ll enjoy being in. Having an area, no matter how small, that has everything they need to study as well as having items that mean something to your child can make a difference.

Modern study room for a boy.

Not only does it help with staying organized with everything in one place, it’s also a space they can call their own and that can make a huge difference. Just make sure books, papers and all the other study materials can fit in the area whether it’s in boxes, drawers or shelves.

Study Time. Teach your kids to set aside blocks of time for studying followed by a break. The Pomodoro method is one option to consider or simply choose a set amount of time and followed by a break.

The break can be a snack, exercise (which helps with getting kids moving and other healthy benefits), a game or simply time for themselves. Set a buzzer or cellphone to ring when the break time is up.

Repeat this process as needed daily. Remember, the younger the child the shorter the study time. High school students might be able to focus for about an hour at one time, but elementary students will need shorter study times of approximately 20 minutes to start.

Index/Note Cards. Show your kids how to use index card or note cards to study. Yes, technology is everywhere in schools these days but the basics are how the top students are getting those grades.

Note cards and flashcards for studying fit in your hand or pockets. Fast and easy, you can quiz them and they can study on their own. Trust me, this is a study skill your kids will love you for introducing them to when they see the improved grades!

If exams or tests are coming up, have a game of “Do You Know?” over breakfast or dinner on the topic or topics your child is learning. Everyone can participate in asking and answering questions on the day’s topics. This make studying fun and painless for a child. Alternatively, a qualified home tutor can be a big help.

Post index cards with questions or topics around the kitchen and have the answers on the back. As your child helps around the house they will run into the flashcards and refresh their memory on the topic and whether they admit it or not, they will check to see if they had the right answer.

Get Active. If you have a child that struggles to sit still after a bit of studying, get moving and study too! Throw a ball while quizzing or discussing a topic. Shoot hoops, hit golf balls, make cookies together or anything that allows the child to move and still talk with you about the subject matter.

Use Past Materials. Make sure to show your child how to use past tests, quizzes and homework as preparation for the upcoming test or next subject area. Learning how to incorporate and use that information in their study prep can make all the difference long term for them.

Be There. Just be there for your child. There will be times of frustration, struggle and issues in school. Knowing they have someone to listen to them and assist when needed will be a huge benefit. Keeping an eye on your child is critical to helping them successfully navigate the academic years ahead.

Learning to study and succeeding at studying is not something that kids take to naturally. However, with encourage, time and assistance from you your child will learn to become the student and have the success that they deserve. So take these ideas and modify and adapt as needed for your household.

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