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Nine Reasons Men Should Quit Smoking In 2016

For men of any age, quitting smoking is a positive. As you well know, smoking causes hundreds of different problems for the body and also for those around you. Not being ones to focus on the negatives, we thought it may be best to look at the positives of giving up the cigarettes.

Quitting Smoking Results In Better Sex

When you stop smoking it improves the blood flow in your body which improves sensitivity. When men stop smoking it can result in better erections. When women stop they might have improved orgasms since they can be more easily aroused.

It was also shown prospective partners find non-smokers to be three times more appealing compared to smokers (perhaps smelling fresh is a big advantage).

Fertility Is Improved When You Stop Smoking

It’s easier for non-smokers to get pregnant. Quitting smoking can make sperm more potent and also improves the womb lining. Being a non-smoker reduces the chances of miscarrying and increases the potential for conceiving through IVF. Most important of all, it increases the chances of having a healthy baby.

Stopping Smoking Makes Your Skin Appear Younger

It was found quitting smoking delays wrinkles from appearing and slows facial aging. Non-smokers’ skin receives more nutrients and oxygen, which can reverse the smoker’s lined and sallow complexion.

Former Smokers Have Sweeter Breath And Whiter Teeth

When you give up smoking tobacco, your breath will be fresher and your teeth will stop becoming stained. Ex-smokers are not as likely as smokers to prematurely lose their teeth or get gum disease.

Smoking and Eyesight

Giving up smoking also means you’re not risking your eyesight to the same degree. Smoking causes all sorts of problems for the eyes as this infographic from ShadeStation.co.uk demonstrates.


Non-Smokers Live Longer

Fifty percent of long-term smokers end up dying early due to smoking-related diseases including chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and heart disease. Men who stop smoking by the age of 30 add another 10 years onto to their lives. Individuals who stop at the age of 60 add an extra three years onto their lives.

So it’s never too late to stop and receive benefits from it. Not only does quitting add extra years onto your life, it also improves your chances greatly of being able to lead a happier, mobile and disease-free life in your older years.

Quitting Smoking Improves Taste And Smell

When you quit smoking it boosts your sense of taste and smell. Your body is recovering from having been dulled by all of the hundreds of toxic chemicals contained in cigarettes.

Quitting Smoking Provides You With More Energy

Your circulation starts to improve within 2 to 12 weeks of quitting smoking. That makes physical activity much easier including running and walking.

Your immune system is also boosted by quitting, which makes it easier for you to fight off the flu and colds. The increased levels of oxygen flow within the body makes former smokers less tired and also not as likely to get headaches.

Quitting Smoking Allows You To Breathe Easier

When people give up smoking they cough less and breathe more easily as a result of as much as a 10% increase in lung capacity within nine months of quitting.

When you are in your twenties and thirties, the effect smoking has on your lung capacity might not be noticeable unless you go running. However, lung capacity diminishes naturally with age. Having optimal lung capacity in your later years can make the difference between wheezing any time you climb the stairs or go for a walk to leading a healthy and active old age.

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