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Five Date Ideas To Bring And Keep You Close

Five Date Ideas To Bring And Keep You Close

The point of being in a relationship is to have someone in your life you feel closer to than anyone else. Here are five date ideas to bring and keep you close to your significant other.

Learn New Things About Each Other

The longer you’ve been together, the easier it can be to feel like you know everything about each other, but it’s likely this isn’t true. Couples should always take time to talk to each other, even about seemingly unimportant things. Doing so may reveal new perspectives you never knew your partner had!

This kind of date can happen anywhere, even at home around take-out. Make a rule neither of you is allowed to use your phone for the entire meal. If the conversation dwindles, don’t panic! Talk about a favorite memory you share or one from your childhood and discover new things to love about each other.

Try New Things Together

Relationships may also start to feel stale because you have a tendency to always do the same things together. Shake things up! Try something new together. Take a cooking class or go to a Karaoke bar and sing a duet. Seeing your loved one trying something new will very likely reveal things you’ve never noticed about them and will make you appreciate them all over again.

Get Social

Have you ever attended a social event and caught sight of your other half across the room? From your vantage point you can see the way her nose wrinkles when she laughs or how animated he can be when he tells a story and you suddenly feel love rushing into your heart.

Seeing your loved one interact with others can help you appreciate all the little things about them you may miss day to day. Make a plan to host a larger dinner party in your own home, or look for community events you can attend together that will give you both opportunities to appreciate each other from afar.

The Human Touch

Simple human contact is very important to a strong bond between partners, from holding hands to a warm embrace. Look for settings where you both feel comfortable sharing physical contact and include them on your date.

This could be as simple as taking a stroll through the park while holding hands or finding a quiet place on the beach where you can sit and cuddle. Whatever the location, making an effort to be physically close will truly impact your relationship.


People who work together to accomplish a task usually form a very strong bond with each other because they have proven their reliability to each other. This is definitely something that should be a part of every couples relationship.

A teamwork date can involve any kind of task as long as you work together. Enter a paintball tournament together, go back country camping or work on a collaborative art project.Working together to accomplish a task will help you view each other as a true support and this will make you love and appreciate each other even more.

Making a relationship work is not always easy, but taking the time to focus on your loved one and who they are as a person will definitely help.

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Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or some other special occasion you can always find information about how to treat a woman right. And while it’s important to go that extra mile on these specific days, she wants to feel special everyday of the year.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money or it should feel like a chore. It just means you should create little ways to let her know how you feel about her and act on them on a regular basis. Click here for some tips to follow.

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