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Stepmom Quotes ~ Mother’s Day

Two wonderful quotes great for writing inside a Mother’s Day card.


I thank God every day for allowing my father to meet you, permitting me to love you and blessing all of us to become a family.  I join him today in honoring you, as you chose to do more for me, more than I ever could asked, and given to me all I ever needed and more.  Thank you for being a mother to me!

You may not have given birth to me, but you did give birth to the person I became.  You delivered my dreams from conception to reality, rewarded me with a life that is truly blessed and provided me with all I would ever need in my earliest year.  No physical bond could compare to the wonderful love we share, and today I’m proud to call you Mom!

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  1. mothers day is coming, this article is very helpful for those who wanna wish mothers day to their moms,,,, happy mothers day

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