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Baby-Daddy Bonds: Tips to Bonding with Your Newborn

bonding with your newborn

Mother’s forge the bond with their baby’s by carrying them for nine months inside their womb. It can be difficult for a new dad to develop the same type of a relationship with their infant because they may not know what role they should play in their care and closeness. Here are important parenting tips that can help new dads bond with their baby.

During the Pregnancy

bonding with your newborn

You can begin the bonding experience before your child is even born by talking and singing to your child from the mother’s womb. When your infant is born, they will have voice recognition from the times you spent with them. Whether you read a book, magazine or instructional pamphlet, your baby will find comfort in the sound of your voice.

Nap Time

bonding with your newborn

New dads can keep their infant close to them throughout the day with a baby play yard. This handy piece of infant equipment is a must-have for parents. With the amount of time newborns spend sleeping, this allows dad to easily transport it from room to room in the home.  It’s especially important when dads need a bit of hands-free time to get things done around the home.

bonding with your newborn

The play yard makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your child while napping and comfort them during the most finicky of moments. It also travels well, making it easy for trips to grandma’s house and vacation spots. The play yard is also a multi-purpose piece of equipment and some also offer a bassinet, changing table and storage compartments.

Baby Massage

Hands-on care is important to the bonding experience. It allows a new dad and child to get close and spend quality time together. To bonding with your newbornmake sure you do it properly, you’ll find an infant massage class to be helpful. It provides you with tips on the appropriate places to massage and what lotions and oils most benefit them. You can set this up as routine time to spend together with your child.

Cuddling and Closeness

bonding with your newborn

Whether your child is bottle-fed or breast-feeding, you can still enjoy close moments of cuddling during feedings. This is a great way to incorporate quiet time into your busy day. As you feed your baby, talk to them in a gentle tone. It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you say it in a comforting voice.

bonding with your newborn

You can also take your child around with you by way of infant sling. Babies love to be carried around close to their parent’s hearts. The baby sling is a great way to bond with the baby and keep them nearby when doing housework, chores or moving from room to room.

As a new dad, you may be confused about ways you can bond with your new infant. A father who takes time off after the birth to spend time with their baby has been shown to have a strong relationship with their child. Dads can form as strong a bond as moms and build a lasting relationship with the above helpful tips.

Lisa Coleman shares some tips a new daddy can use to encourage bonding with their newborns. She recently saw online, a baby play yard that provides the ability to keep a baby close during nap time periods, and also allows dad to be hands free when busy.

Do have any other suggestions to help dads bond with their baby’s?  Please share them in the Comments below.  Thank you.

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