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Parenting Teens: Five Important Conversations Every Parent Should Have With Their Teenager

There’s more to parenting than providing shelter, food, and other necessities. Talking to your teen about important moral decisions is another primary responsibility for a parent.

parent-and-teen-talkAs your child grows into a teen, they will be increasingly exposed to experiences, opportunities, and responsibilities. This is the time to start discussing the critical decisions your teen will be making and guiding them to make the right choices.

With these crucial discussions with your teen, it can help them determine how they will continue to live their life and how your relationship with your teen will turn out.

1. Coping with Negative Emotions

Whether it’s stress about studying for school or disappointment they didn’t get a passing test grade, you need to discuss different methods to help your teen cope with stressful times. For instance, tell your teen to exercise or write in a journal as this can help them handle stress better.

You can also help your teenage child cope with negative emotions by teaching them to focus on positive points about the situation and to release the little stresses in life through different ways and activities.

2. Dealing with Peer Pressure

Throughout your child’s years in school, peer pressure is always present and increases as your child grows older. Teach your teen to follow their instincts when placed in a peer pressure situation.

You can create possible scenarios and go over them with your teen to help prepare them for these situations. Help your teen understand the consequences of peer pressure and how to make the right decisions.

images3. Talking About Sex

Sex can be an awkward, uncomfortable topic to discuss with your teenage child. However, it’s vital to be the one to teach your teen about sex rather than them to learn it from friends.

Talk to your teen about sex and the positive and negative aspects of engaging in it. If you don’t talk to your teen about sex, it can cause them to think it’s forbidden, mysterious or dirty, which makes your child curious about it and, in most cases, engage in it.

4. Preparing for College

Prepare your teen for college by teaching them to become more independent while living at home. For instance, ask your teen to start working to pay his or her bills.

You can also start discussing the work fields that interest your teen. Based on the possible career paths your teen chooses, you can encourage him or her participate in hobbies, organizations or clubs to enhance skills or narrow down his or her career choices.

5. Improving Self-Esteem

With the media pressuring teens to act, speak, and look a certain way just to be accepted by society, your teen can become insecure and develop the need to be perfect to be popular.

Tell your teen they are uniquely made and express the love you have for their qualities. Teach your child methods to improve self-esteem and develop a healthy self-image.

When it comes to talking to parenting teens, it’s critical to converse seriously with your teenage child about the important decisions in life.

You must allow them to decide on their accord. You can guide your teen and offer advice, but, ultimately, they are the decision maker for their life.

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Hattie Webber is a mom of three boys and loves sharing her experience with other moms looking for simple to follow advice. Hattie recommends regularly talking with your kids, especially when they reach driving age. She recommends seeking out specialized insurance for teenagers from a company like Acceptance, and to instill a sense of responsibility by making children contribute to car-related costs such as gas, maintenance, and insurance.

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