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Baseball With Dad – 10 Suggestions For A Father’s Day That’s Out Of The Park


I’m a big baseball fan and a long-time fan of the Atlanta Braves.  It’s a joy to present this post by freelance writer, Ashley Monroe.


Father’s Day takes place in the height of baseball season. The weather hasn’t yet reached unbearable summer temperatures and in many parts of North America summer vacation has just begun. Whether you’re attending a major league game, a minor league game, or a little league game, baseball is something the entire family can enjoy with dad, and he’ll enjoy a family outing a lot more than he’d enjoy another new necktie or coffee mug. Here are some suggestions for taking Dad out to the ball field this Father’s Day.

Dress Appropriately

Fathers Day Inappropriate Dress

Police Arrest Man who Came onto Field in Wedding Dress

The weather is still fickle at this time of year so be prepared. A windbreaker or rain poncho could prevent foul weather from fouling up your big day out with Dad. Don’t forget to wear your baseball cap, not only to support the home team but also to keep the sun’s glare out of your face. Speaking of the sun, it wouldn’t hurt to carry a travel-sized container of sunscreen either.

Bring Your Glove

Fan Catches Baseball

Sure, you can catch those wayward fouls and home run hits with your bare hands. But that hurts! Take your glove along so you can try and catch a baseball while at the game. If you do manage to catch one and can have it autographed by some of the players, then you not only give Dad the experience of enjoying one of the most popular pastimes in history but also a tangible memory of the day.

Get There Early

You’re not going to want to miss a moment of the big game, so schedule plenty of time to get there early. Due to the high cost of concessions you might even allow enough time to stop for lunch on the way to the ball field. Arriving early also allows you find a good parking spot, take care of any personal needs, and best of all enjoy tailgating parties.


Father's Day Tailgating Grill

Ah, yes, the tailgating parties are the best part of the time spent before a baseball game, and the primary reason to arrive early. Tailgating allows you to socialize with other fans, enjoy a variety of foods cooked on the spot, and get psyched up to cheer for the home team through nine or more innings. The last time my family went to a game, we took our own tailgating supplies and my dad fixed up his famous Chicago-style hot dogs. They were as much of a hit as the ball that was knocked out of the park in the seventh inning!

Bathroom Breaks

Father's Day Bathroom Line

The line to the men’s room is just as long as the line to the women’s room at a baseball game, if not longer. Don’t wait for any kind of an intermission to go to the bathroom. You’ll end up missing more of the game by waiting in line to go during times when it’s popular to dash off to the restroom than you will by strategically sneaking off during the middle of the inning.


Father's Day Baseball Concession Stand

American actor Humphrey Bogart once said, “A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz.” If your dad is a baseball fan he’s likely to agree. I know mine does! Even if we have a steak dinner before going to a baseball game, we still have to enjoy a hot dog during – usually around the fifth or sixth inning. And that leads to devouring some ballpark peanuts, washed down with some beverages. Yes, it’s pricey but worth it considering that time spent with dad is priceless.


Father's Day Baseball Jersey

Baseball souvenirs are a great way to take home a memory of spending Father’s Day with dad at the ballpark. If you aren’t able to catch a fly ball, the stadium shop usually sells all kinds of paraphernalia including pennants, autographed items, apparel, and stationery items.

Photo Op

The first time we took my dad to a baseball game for Father’s Day, we started a tradition of having someone nearby take a picture of us in the stands. We have an entire collection now! No matter what we buy dad, or how much money it costs, he always tells us that it’s those memories that mean the most to him. I’m pretty sure if you asked your dad, he’d agree one hundred percent.

Turn Off Your Phone

Father's Day Turn Off Cell Phone

Giving dad the gift of your time is one of the most thoughtful things you can do, and not just on Father’s day. But if your entire visit is interrupted by beeps and buzzes from your cellphone, he’ll find it annoying quick. Turn off your cellphone during the game, or at least disable instant notifications. He’ll appreciate the extra effort. And if his phone is the one that keeps going off you’ll just have to endure – after all it is Father’s Day!

Expect the Unexpected


Father's Day Expect the Unexpected


Traffic backups, gale force winds, and other unexpected elements can really put a damper on your plans. Make sure to arrange a backup activity that dad will enjoy in case your first choice is suddenly no longer an option. If all else fails and you’re stuck staying in for the day, buy some popcorn and peanuts and rent a copy of Field of Dreams.

Regardless of your plans, be sure to check out the some of the articles on www.menshideaway.com for inspiration about planning the perfect Father’s Day. You might turn that cluttered corner of the basement or garage into the perfect mancave, or have the entire family pitch in the funds to buy him a baseball-themed pinball machine or video game.

Whatever you do for Father’s Day, make sure your dad knows how much you appreciate his role in your life. That knowledge is what your dad will appreciate the most.

Ashley Munroe is a freelance writer who enjoys the freedom of working from home because it allows her to still spend time with her husband, their two young daughters, and her parents. Whenever she finishes a project, whether on the topic of decorating with wall murals, the latest in technological gadgets and accessories, or the best ways to find vintage items like retro Coke machines, she enjoys the research part of her job as much as she does the writing. In her free time Ashley enjoys relaxing with long hikes on scenic trails and by practicing yoga.

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