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Helping Your Child Get Through A Move

Move – a Blended Family Perspective

When initially blending families its important to make a special effort to minimize disruption to the lives of your stepchildren.  Moving and the associated changes: new home and neighborhood, new schools, making new friends, loss of old friends, concerns of the biological dad, etc. are potential stress producing events for everyone involved especially the children. The addition of these stressors, in addition to the stresses associated with blending and adjusting to you the new stepdad can increase the difficulty in blending.  The children may direct their resentment of the changes in their life toward you the stepdad.  If you must move please read and consider the tips provided by an anonymous guest poster. 

Stepdad Buried in Boxes

Stepdad Buried in Boxes

If you are moving and have children, it can be a very stressful time. Often they don’t understand why they have to leave their friends, their school, and their home. Helping them understand this is sometimes very hard. They will need reminded, and their attention will need focused and refocused elsewhere. You need to plan ahead and have ideas for new fun things that will excite them and keep them occupied. Keeping their mind on new adventures is much better than allowing them to dwell on farewell sorrows.


You Are Being Redirected

Once shown, they will have fun exploring new parks and walking trails. Maybe there is a creek nearby to fish in or catch frogs. Maybe the new house has a swing set or swimming pool. These things can help them let go of the old home, and help them to look forward to the new one.


Perhaps you can let them choose, with guidance, how their new room will be decorated. Getting to look at paint colors and some new posters to hang on the walls would really get them involved. Making them feel like it is their room, that they chose what they like for their surroundings, can really lift their spirits. Coupling that with the understanding that their stuff is coming with them, their bed, their clothes, their stuffed animals and toys, may actually have them looking forward to the move.

Kid's Room Decor

Help Yourself

Professional Mover

Free yourself up, and call the movers. A professional moving company can do a multitude of tasks for you. They can pack everything safely and securely for you, and they can carry it all and load it in the moving truck. You can even have them haul away unwanted items or take donations to charity. Then, they can unload it all at the new house, placing items exactly where you want them. Some companies can even clean for you prior to moving in, making sure everything is safe and ready for your family. They will also go and clean the house you just vacated, preparing it for sale and showings.


Keeping the mood light and spirits up can be tough for a parent at times, especially when trying to juggle all the other issues that go along with moving. Contacting a moving company can really alleviate a lot of the stress, and reduce your time and energy spent actually moving. Then you can put your focus back on your family.


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This author has found through experience that contacting moving companies Tallahassee, Florida can really help you help you and your family get through the trying times that moving brings.

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