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beards clippers and trimmers - six images of a man trimming his beard

Beards, Clippers and Trimmers

There are many men with a lot of facial hair. Most of these gentlemen want to keep their facial hair looking neat and groomed. Luckily there are numerous clippers and trimmers to choose from.

Clippers and Trimmers – What’s The Difference?

The biggest difference between a clipper and trimmer is the length and size of the blade. Clippers are made to cut large size hair and usually comes with attachments. The attachments help in adjusting to varied hair sizes. 

Trimmers are used for detailed work with shorter hair. They are best used for grooming an existing beard. 

One of the most difficult parts when it comes to beard clippers is finding the best type of your unique thickness and style. Men look better with groomed facial hair; however, if you use the wrong trimmers, you could end up destroying your glorious facial hair.

The Lumberjack

If you enjoy a full beard, you’ll not need to cut your beard as often as those who like a more defined-looking beard. You will need to occasionally cut it to keep it from becoming too wild and bushy.

A standard set of simple clippers is the best choice for a full beard. If your beard is thick, you just need to make sure the clippers has enough power to handle your thick growth.

The Nineteenth Century President

Around the turn of the 19th century, political figures started sporting facial hair. Some of the greatest presidents enjoyed sporting a beard. Take Abraham Lincoln and his successor Ulysses S. Grant for instance.

If you want a beard like President Grant’s, you’ll need trimmers that can handle the job. The best type of trimmers for this type of beard is one that offers adjustable combs.

This will allow you to trim your beard in the style you desire. This type of beard will be full and thick; however, it should never be unkempt. The best beard trimmer will have a small set of blades, which will allow you to create a clearly defined beard line.

Today’s Modern Gentleman

All beards are not created equal, and that’s okay. If you are unable to grow a traditional, thick beard, don’t worry!

With a great set of trimmers, you can style your beard into something unique and classy – a beard you can be proud of!  Check out Wisebeards.com for some advice.

Trimmers with a set of close blades allow you to trim your beard with precision. Never trim your beard lower than an inch below your jawline.

Additionally, the beard should not be allowed to grow more than two inches up the cheek area. This distance can vary based on your unique facial structure.

Use your judgment to determine the best distance. One single hair can ruin this look, so it is important to inspect your face carefully and make sure you don’t miss any hairs.

The best beard clippers are those that suit your individual grooming habits and beard style. If you prefer a large, full beard, you will just need a heavy duty set of clippers. These clippers do not need to be designed for precision, rather just for trimming.

For a more refined looking beard, you will need an adjustable trimmer that offers small precision blades for creating a defined look.

As you can see, there are several things to consider when it comes to cutting and trimming your beard. You want a set that has enough power to handle the coarseness of your beard. Additionally, you need a set of trimmers that allow for detailed precision.

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