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Tips For Overcoming Stepfather Issues

overcoming stepfather issues - stepdad word cloud

When The Shoe Rarely Fits: How To Overcome ‘Stepfather’ Issues A lot has been written about step-mothering, but you’ll rarely find resource materials on how to be a good stepfather. Possibly because men, in general, are primarily viewed as the ...

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Stepdad’s Discipline Tips For Success

As a stepdad – your authority to parent is different from your stepchildren’s biological father. A biodad’s parental authority is based on birth, a stepdad’s power rests on the relationship with his wife. Joining a blended family and immediately adopting ...

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Patience Before Passion

Patience Before Passion. An inspirational quote about patience typed on an old typewriter.

Patience Before Passion another story from writer Neta Shlain who wrote My Father and I. This story is how her stepdad Sam taught her a valuable lesson about patience. When I think about my stepfather, one story in particular springs ...

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