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How to Market With Mommy Bloggers

Mommy bloggers can become a powerful marketing tool if you’re selling a product to parents. My website is called RadicalParenting.com.

The site is geared towards parents, but the content is written by kids. This is a project my mother, and I started.

I didn’t have a budget for marketing, so my focus was on Mommy Bloggers since most of them agreed to write about my site for free. This turned out to be an excellent strategy since these blogs brought more than 200,000 unique visitors per month.

We even got exposure on media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Fox News and CNN without a public relations person’s help!

Tips For Reaching Out to Mommy Blogs

#1 – Make A List

There are many parenting blogs, but not all of them are going to be a good fit for your product or brand. Look for blogs promoting content and a parenting style you agree with.

Ask yourself if the target audience of these blogs would be interested in your offer. For instance, targeting bloggers who mostly write about pregnancy and babies wouldn’t make sense if your product is something parents would buy for their older children.

#2 – Offer An Incentive

It will be easier to convince mommy bloggers to write about your brand and to share a link to your site if you can provide an incentive. You can offer to:

  • Share a link to their blog on your website,
  • Send them a free product,
  • Offer a gift card,
  • Provide them with Instagram followers or
  • Give them a free eBook.

#3 – Make A Specific Request

Reaching out to Mommy Bloggers and asking for help is not the best approach. Be more specific regarding how they can help you.

For instance, you could ask bloggers to:

  • Review one of your products,
  • Mention your site in a blog post or
  • Promote an event you are organizing.

It will be easier to find mommy bloggers who are willing to help you if they know exactly what you want from them.

#4 – Connect With Mommy Bloggers

You can reach out to mommy bloggers by

  • Sending them emails,
  • Following their Facebook page,
  • Following them on Twitter or
  • Sending them a Facebook friend request.

You can also leave comments on their blogs, share their blog posts and interact with them on social media. Do everything you can do to help them get more traffic.

There are a few different sites and networks where you can get to know mommy bloggers better and interact with them. You should use these sites to discover new mommy blogs and to get to know your target audience better.

Bloggers will be more likely to help you if they have interacted with you on different sites. 

Social Networks For Interacting With Mommy Bloggers

– Facebook

There are popular pages with thousands of followers where bloggers post about their parenting style and life. Following these pages is a good way to find out about the latest trends.


CafeMom is a very popular social network among mommy bloggers. Look for the most active users, follow them and ask them questions.

You can even grow your following on this website and befriend mommy bloggers. This is a great place to ask questions, catch up with the latest trends and find more mommy bloggers who are willing to help you.

– Twitter

There are a lot of Twitter accounts for mommy bloggers. You can interact with them by retweeting them, following them and even by sending them direct messages. 

– StumbleUpon

This is a popular network because it allows bloggers to find new mommy blogs. You should create an account and start liking mom blogs.

StumbleUpon will suggest more related interactive content. You can also use StumbleUpon to share website suggestions with other bloggers and write reviews for sites and blogs.

Nearly everyone knows moms have the most spending power of all consumers. Brands of every type are partnering with mommy bloggers and reporting an incredible increase in brand popularity and campaign results. Ignore marketing with mommy blogs at your risk.

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