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How to Market With Mommy Bloggers

market with mommy bloggers - mom's and toddler's hands at a laptop keyboard

Mommy bloggers can become a powerful marketing tool if you’re selling a product to parents. My website is called RadicalParenting.com. The site is geared towards parents, but the content is written by kids. This is a project my mother, and I ...

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What A Parent Needs To Know About Tinder

Worried teenager girl looking at her smart phone in a park with an unfocused background

Have you notice kids are hardly using Facebook anymore? Teens are fleeing the once popular website, mainly because adults use it now! They’re moving to new dating apps like Tinder. Tinder allows for strangers to access our children’s information and ...

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The Rise of Kids Developing Apps

A new phenomenon is rapidly gaining interest in the programming world. That is the growing number of teenagers and even some younger children developing apps. The most conspicuous example of this phenomenon occurred a few years ago, when a puzzler ...

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Teen Drama! Three Survival Tips

Teen Drama

National Geographic ran a famous article poetically stating what we already know about teenage-hood — a teenager’s mental faculties can be a simmering cauldron of angst, haste and impulsiveness due to their different perceptions of risk and peers. What does ...

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