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Five Tips For Making Child Support Painless

Child Support - Painless

With today’s divorce rate inching toward 60 percent, many couples are looking for ways to lower the emotional trauma for their children as much as they can. Heated arguments and accusations, bitter custody battles, fights over finances can completely shatter families and scar children ...

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Dealing With Divorce


    Helping the Kids get Through It Going through a divorce can be traumatic, and you’ll have lots of things to worry about like finding a new home, adjusting to a different household budget and dealing with all the ...

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Higher Risk of Divorce for Couples Sharing Housework: Study

[repostus hash=afff8dd9b728cdec963b00c0de43697e title=Higher+risk+of+divorce+for+couples+sharing+housework%3A+study host=AFP short=1oxHS snip=Couples+who+share+housework+duties+run+a+higher+risk+of+divorce+than+couples+where+the+woman+does+most+of+the+chores%2C+a+Norwegian+study+sure+to+get+tongues+wagging+showed+on+Thursday.+The+divorce+rate+among+couples+who+shared+housework+equally+was+around+50+percent+higher+than+among+those+where+the%26hellip%3B thumb=2967487 jump=4] I don’t know about you but I’d be interested in knowing how they conducted their study.  How were they able to establish a direct relationship between how housework is shared or not ...

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Ten Reasons to Love Your Stepfather

10 Reasons to Love Your Stepdad

Please enjoy the following post by contributing author Gerri Flannigan.  If you are lucky enough to have a stepfather, you will find there are many reasons to love him.  Here are just a few reasons almost anyone can relate to.  ...

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