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Higher Risk of Divorce for Couples Sharing Housework: Study

[repostus hash=afff8dd9b728cdec963b00c0de43697e title=Higher+risk+of+divorce+for+couples+sharing+housework%3A+study host=AFP short=1oxHS snip=Couples+who+share+housework+duties+run+a+higher+risk+of+divorce+than+couples+where+the+woman+does+most+of+the+chores%2C+a+Norwegian+study+sure+to+get+tongues+wagging+showed+on+Thursday.+The+divorce+rate+among+couples+who+shared+housework+equally+was+around+50+percent+higher+than+among+those+where+the%26hellip%3B thumb=2967487 jump=4] I don’t know about you but I’d be interested in knowing how they conducted their study.  How were they able to establish a direct relationship between how housework is shared or not ...

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Ten Reasons to Love Your Stepfather

10 Reasons to Love Your Stepdad

Please enjoy the following post by contributing author Gerri Flannigan.  If you are lucky enough to have a stepfather, you will find there are many reasons to love him.  Here are just a few reasons almost anyone can relate to.  ...

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