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Make Your Backyard Safe For Play

How to Make Your Backyard Safe for Play

With technology and social media being what it is today, it can be difficult to get your children to play outside. It takes a lot more encouragement and persuasion than it used to.

The possibilities in a child’s imagination are limitless. A child doesn’t have to run around and ride bikes to get a good dose of vitamin D.

Children can do arts and crafts without having to leave the security of their yard. While many kids might rather play video games or watch television, there are ways to turn your backyard into a safe kid zone.

Consider Your Landscaping

Your backyard landscaping plays a major role when it comes to your children’s safety. If you don’t have or can’t afford real grass, consider artificial turf even if just for the summer.

You can even use a small portion of artificial grass and use it to create a safe play area for your child. You will also reduce your carbon footprint by not having to water or mow your lawn.

Artificial grass is spongy and thick, creating a safe area for tumbling without injury. Artificial grass is essential for carpeting underneath play sets and jungle gyms.

If you have a pool or an inflatable pool, create a grassy area around it or close by. This will help prevent slips and falls on the hard concrete.

Create Soft Landing Areas

If your child loves to jump off of things, grass, rubber mulch or foam pads will work for soft landings. The biggest factor when it comes to play structure safety is the equipment’s location.

You should have at least six feet of open space available around all sides to allow for general play, falls and jumps. Make sure to regularly check the area for sticks, rocks and other tripping hazards.

Make Sure Play Structures Are Safe and Secure

Inspect your home playground regularly for safety concerns. Look for wooden boards out of place or lose guardrails.

You can cover the top of the play structure with a tent to keep your kids safe from the heat. Make sure all bolts are covered and tree branches are trimmed.

If you can’t do that yourself, don’t hesitate to hire a professional like those at Pete & Ron’s Tree Service, Inc.

Use a Shed to Store Dangerous Equipment

Gardening tools, chemicals and lawn equipment should always be stored in a safe place away from a child’s reach. Even when it isn’t on, don’t let your children play near a lawn mower.

It’s very easy for a child to mistake a gardening tool as a toy. Consider building a shed to store all of these harmful objects with a lock preventing them access.

Kids love to be in motion, almost at all times. Now that you have protected your yard for safe play, you can enjoy a better peace of mind.

Remember nothing replaces adult supervision no matter how safe your backyard may be.

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