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Five Mistakes To Avoid With Drain Cleaning

Most of us don’t give our plumbing a second thought as long as it’s working properly. However, when something goes wrong it can bring our entire house to a standstill. 

For many homeowners, dealing with the occasional clogged drain due to hair is a pretty simple fix. Kitchen sinks can also get gummed up with a variety of items and again, are pretty simple to handle on your own. 

All the same, you need to be aware of the problems and mistakes you can make when dealing with a clogged drain.  If you’re not a DIY’er, feel free to call a plumber in the Sydney area for assistance.

Your First Mistake!!  No PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

When you consider what you have to do when cleaning one of your plumbing fixtures yourself, first consider what’s down there!  Waste products (of all sorts)! 

Do you really want to start attacking a clogged sink, drain or toilet with your nice clothes on and no eye protection? I didn’t think so! 

So avoid mistake #1, just don some cruddy clothes, a pair of safety glasses and get to work.

Second Line of Defense – Grab a Plunger!

Plungers can clear away many different clogs in a variety of situations. Make sure you use the right plunger for the job. 

Many people make the mistake of using the wrong plunger for the job. Plungers with a bell shape on the bottom are designed for toilets. 

Force cup plungers work well on sinks (they can’t form a good seal in a toilet). Make sure you use the correct one for the job.

You also need to use a plunger properly. A plunger is not supposed to be utilized as a workout tool as you try to unclog a drain. 

Using the plunger, make a good seal with the clogged opening and gently move the plunger up and down in methodical up and down strokes. Don’t treat the plunger like a jackhammer!! 

Doing so creates a tremendous backsplash that can cover you with the ick that’s in your clog. 

Do you really want this? No? Then use your plunger properly.

Next Line of Defense—Drain-O!!

At the first sign of a clogged drain, many homeowners instinctively reach for a bottle of Drain-O or some other liquid drain cleaner. Be careful!

Many of these cleaners contain both sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and sodium hydroxide (powerful base) to help show clogs who’s boss. The problem with liquid drain cleaners is the harsh chemicals can adversely affect your drains.

Eventually, the corresive chemcals can weaken your pipes to the point where they may fail. Use liquid cleaners sparingly and you should be fine, just not often.

And PLEASE don’t use the jackhammer technique with a plunger after using a liquid cleaner.

Foreign Objects don’t Belong in Drains

Now you’re mad, the clog remains despite plunging and Drain-O. What now? 

Don’t shove things like coat hangers and other foreign objects to loosen the clog. So many homeowners do this and end up creating a much bigger problem than they started with. 

Unless you’re completely comfortable using a plumbing snake…don’t put foreign objects in your plumbing.

It’s Not a Jigsaw Puzzle!

As the frustration mounts, homeowners increasingly turn to the last (worst) resort – disassembling the pipes themselves.  Don’t do this unless you’re an expert.

In fact, just call a professional plumber to take care of something this important.

Some plumbing issues are easily taken care of by homeowners. Leave the more complicated drain cleaning to the experts.

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