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Stepdad and stepson resting after a long day of hiking

Five Memorable Adventures With Kids

As a stepdad, there’s nothing better than spending quality time doing family activities in the great outdoors. When you make the time to take your kids on one (or all!) of these fun five memorable adventures, all of you will have enjoyment and create great memories that will last a lifetime. 

1 – Be Analysts

Become amateur scientists when you analyze the world around you.

  • View nature through binoculars, a magnifying glass, and a microscope.
  • Collect tadpoles, worms, and insects of every kind.
  • Gather pretty rocks and put them on display.
  • Visit a zoo, nature park, aviary, or museum. Sometimes the smaller the better!
  • Go to an outdoor gathering place and people watch. Discuss your observations.

2 – Be Artists

Explore your creative side with your kids and make something beautiful.

  • Build a fairy garden.
  • Blow mega bubbles.
  • Collect props and perform an outdoor play or talent show with neighbors.
  • Create flower bouquets.
  • Mud paint.
  • Build and decorate a sand castle.
  • Create art using sticks, flowers, and anything else you can find.
  • Become nature photographers.

3 – Be Adventurers

Exploring this big world is one of the best things to do in life. You give your kids the gift of wonderment and confidence when you allow them to be adventurous.

  • Explore somewhere new, even if it’s just the empty lot at the end of your street.
  • Visit a national park or state park. Go to Pocket Ranger and download free apps for Park Adventure Tours, Passport Challenges, Wildlife Guides, and more!
  • Go on a modern treasure hunt by geocaching.
  • Discover a waterfall or climb a mountain peak.
  • Visit a Pick-Your-Own orchard or garden and gather fruits and vegetables. Cook a meal over a fire or build your own solar oven.
  • Tie a rope swing over a lake or pond.
  • Teach your child how to safely use a knife or hatchet.
  • Stargaze with or without a constellations guide or app.
  • Play flashlight tag or Ghost in the Graveyard then tell ghost stories.
  • Build a place to sleep. Set up a tent or teepee, build a treehouse or cardboard box fort, construct a den with sticks, or dig an underground fort or snow cave.

4- Be Athletes

Get into the sporting spirit when you watch or play athletics outside.

  • Cheer on a local team (even if it’s little league).
  • Teach teamwork and healthy competition by playing sports together or against each other. Try tennis, volleyball, frisbee golf, soccer, and belly flop competitions!
  • Get extreme when you go airsoft shooting, bouldering or caving.

5- Be Activists

It’s important to teach our kids about serving others and the world around us.

  • Work in a vegetable or flower garden.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Pick up trash along a sidewalk or trail.
  • Using chalk, write a kind note on someone’s driveway.

Raising a family can be hard at times so it’s always good to step outside and have a little fun with each other, just stepdad and stepkids. Good memories will follow!

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