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Let me help you! Little boy helping his father to plant the tree while working together in the garden

Plant A Tree And A Lasting Memory

Almost daily, most dads are keenly reminded of their shortcomings and ways they don’t measure up – even the best of dads. If you think you’ve got this parenting thing in the bag, that’s when you should be concerned. For that’s when you stop trying to better yourself.

Part of the struggle is finding meaningful ways to spend time with your children through the years. Balancing fun dad, wise dad, example dad, intelligent dad, hardworking dad and creative dad is quite a job.

Then you throw money into the mix. There’s any number of memories to be made if money grew on trees. But it doesn’t. Whether you have one child or seven, cost is definitely a big consideration when it comes to making memories.

Take the upcoming Earth Day, as an opportunity to get out into the great outdoors with your family and plant a tree together.

Whether or not you know what you’re doing, makes no difference. You can learn along with your kids, and perhaps give them a green thumb you never had. Even if they drag their heels, in no time, they’ll be laughing and participating – guaranteed.

Here’s a family activity that involves all ages, big and small. It instills exceptional core values: hard work, discipline, patience to name a few.

Have a family pow-wow to determine where the tree is going and what type you’re going to plant. Flowering, fruit, deciduous or evergreen?

Once you’ve made those decisions, here are some tips to help you along the way.


Dig a hole about two times the size of the roots of the tree. Bigger than you’d think.

Firmly pack dirt around the bottom half of the roots, then loosely pack soil around the top half.


Right after you finish filling the hole, water your tree. The soil needs to be moist, but not soggy.

Regular watering in the first year of the tree’s life is vital. The tree has been uprooted, and the roots are in transplant shock, so they will need to be watered at least once a week. In the heat of summer, water it even more.


Not only does mulch serve an aesthetic purpose, it also helps promote the health of a tree. It keeps major temperature swings at bay, by insulating the soil.

There is much less chance a lawn mower is going to hack the roots if mulch covers the ground above them. It also keeps the soil around the tree moist by holding in moisture over time.

Lay the mulch a couple inches deep, at least three feet in diameter around the tree.

Be sure to take into account any specific care instructions for your particular tree, but if you follow these tips you’ll be golden.


The act of getting your family together the plant a tree, is more than just a to-do this spring. It could be a meaningful experience for your family on many levels.


Perhaps you’ve had a rocky couple months. Or years. Or maybe you’re starting over fresh in some way.

The kids are little, and you realize you won’t always have these years filled with little people. Whatever the case may be, what a great way to proclaim a fresh start, a new beginning as a family that’s committed to loving one another no matter what.

There’s something about being outside and working together, planting new life. Committing to protecting and caring for it for years to come.

Years down the road, it will be a reminder to you and yours of all that has transpired over years past. How much your family has grown individually and as a whole.

Maybe you could even weasel everyone into posing for a photo in front of it every spring. Let it be a reminder of your family, your values, and your allegiance to one another.

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