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Love : Show Your Spouse How You Feel

You love your spouse. You know that. But knowing it and showing it are two different things. Your spouse shouldn’t have to simply take it for granted that you love her. Take some time and remind her how you feel.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s a great time to go the extra mile to show your appreciation. Here are a few ways you can make your special lady feel loved this February.

Do Some Extra Chores Unexpectedly

Surprise your honey with the gift of relaxation. When she’s at work – especially if you know she’s having a hard day – take some time and do her portion of the housework.

Dishes, cleaning, laundry or taking care of the pet are all easy to do, and they’ll all help your spouse feel loved. Nothing reminds people of how much they’re loved than coming home to find out their husband or wife was thinking about them and working to ease their evening.

Show Love Beyond Just the One Day

Does Valentine’s Day have to last a mere twenty-four hours? Nope. Surprise her early this year and make a full week of it!

Go on a date week, or have a series of cooking nights.

Several days’ worth of excitement will show you’re not just going through the motions this Valentine’s Day. This is a great way to keep both your spirits up during the long cold February.

Do Something New

Make a list of things you’ve done on previous Valentine’s Days. Scratch each item off, and find something new.

This shows to your spouse you’re interested in keeping things fresh as you age together, you have no interest in letting your love stagnate or die.

This feeling could lead to feeling unappreciated, which is emotionally complex and could result in separation or divorce. Getting out of your comfort zones could be just thing to rekindle the old spark. You’ll see each other in new ways and find more things you love.

Do Something Old

This one works best if you’ve been together for a long time. Think back to your first few Valentine’s Days, or to the first Valentine’s Day you spent together after you got married.

Did you go to a nice restaurant and see a movie? Recreate that night.

You might even want to try a new spin on it, for instance by trying to cook that meal yourself and watch a DVD version of that same movie from the comfort of your home.

Keep it Minimal

This approach doesn’t work for everyone. For many people, though, the perfect night together is one that doesn’t demand a whole lot of effort and planning.

Fireworks can dazzle, but they can also distract. For some couples, the perfect Valentine’s Day evening is a long walk outside, talking and laughing with one another.

This way, you get to focus on each other, not your activity.

Take the Next Day Off

Valentine’s Day will be extra special if you know you’ll be able to sleep in the next day. Take Valentine’s Day and the next day off for bonus points.

You and your spouse’s plans will be unlimited if you don’t have to be in bed by 10 o’clock. Stay up late, leave town or just wake the next morning to breakfast in bed.  

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