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Father’s Day Activities for Stepdads

Father’s Day is June 19th and while there’s still time to find that “perfect gift” please remember giving gifts doesn’t always mean giving things.  While the giving of presents is wonderful how many ties or socks does your wonderful step dad need?   Material gifts get holes, go out of style, break or are left unused or unworn on the shelf.  One gift however will create lasting memories for everyone involved – the gift of time.  Here are several “gift of time” ideas for spending with your stepfather on Father’s Day.  Remember if you can’t make it happen on Father’s Day you can always set aside your own special day for honoring your step dad.  Take advantage of the opportunity to let your stepfather know how much you care and appreciate him while the opportunity still exists. 

Movies.   You can take your stepfather to the movies but if he’s a homebody you can also pick up copies of some your step dad’s favorite movies from the local video store along with popcorn, candy and soda.  Make sure you’ve taken care of all outside distractions before hitting “play” just sit back and relax. 

Fishing.   If your step dad loves to fish then he’d probably leap 😀  at a fishing invitation.  Don’t worry about having the right bait or lures for whatever’s biting down at the lake.  You’re there for the experience of hanging out with each other.  If you catch something – great!  If you don’t you’ve still built memories of time shared together. 

Camping.  If your step dads an outdoorsman take him camping. Take responsibility for organizing the entire trip.  While you’re enjoying nature plan on going hiking or mountain climbing if he’s the adventourous type.  A weekend away camping is a nice break from the hectic, fast-paced lifestyle we’re confronted with. If a weekend campout isn’t possible plan a family picnic at your dad’s favorite site. 

Game Night.  If there are other family members who want to participate in the Father’s Day activities host a family game night.  Chances you have at least one old board game that just been collecting dust in the closet Games like Monopoly, Uno, Sorry, Yahtzee and Scrabble are good choices.  If your step dad used to be a card shark he might enjoy a good game of cards as well.

SPA Treat your stepfather to pampering, a massage and other treatments at your local SPA.  Consider getting him a manicure and facial – you’ll both leave the spa rejuvenated.

Active Alternatives.  If your step dad wild-at-heart you can take him go-karting or challenge him to a game of paintball.  You can also go biking or rollerblading.  If he’s like me and a little more subdued take him to play miniature golf or if he’s a kid at heart give a couple roll of quarters and take him to the local arcade.

Father’s Day Comedy Roast.   If your step dad has a good sense of humor and is able to take comedic insults, praise, outlandish true and untrue stories and heartwarming tributes then host his roasting with family and friends.  Your stepfather will receive this as a great honor.  It is seen as a great honor to be roasted.  Ideally each family member should come up with something interesting from his or her own unique viewpoint.  Make sure your step dad is seated in the position of honor.

Learn a Skill.  Learn a skill your stepfather is good at.  Your step dad will love to pass on this knowledge and you will have something new to share.  You can also involve your step dad in one of your favorite hobbies. 

BBQ.  Gather the family together for a barbeque where everyone in the family can get involved.  A barbeque set is also an excellent gift idea and your stepfather can put his new gift to use right away.  A barbeque is a great way to cap off the day.   

Sporting Event.   If your dad loves sports take him to an athletic event.  Pick a sport he enjoys and take him or if he prefers being an active participant you can play a game of tennis or golf if that’s what he enjoys.  What better way to bond with dad than by watching the game together over hot dogs and popcorn, rather than at home where the two of you are constantly interrupted?

Kodak Moment.  Take a picture of the whole family. Once the picture is developed give it to your stepdad ina picture frame.  This is sure to show him your appreciation and will allow him to remember the day until you think of something to do for next year. 

Helper.  If your dad would rather stay at home, you can always help and join him in one of the activities he wants to engage in. If, for example, he needs to fix the shed or wash the car, offer to help him. This makes for excellent quality time with your dad and this way, you’re helping him out by making yourself more handy.

This Father’s Day make it your goal to make it one of the most memorable occassions for your stepfather.  Select an activity that involves both you and your stepdad or one where the entire family can enthusiastically participate. Be intentional,begin planning and follow-through to give your step dad the gift of time. 

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