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Your unique and well-written posts are welcomed on Support for Stepfathers.  Submitted posts must be related to the following topics:

  • Stepfathering,
  • Stepparenting,
  • Blended Families, and
  • General Parenting, Relationship and Family topics. 

Effective 1 July, guest posts will only be accepted from Google verified authors.

Submitted posts must:

1) Be 100% original, unique and high-quality content. Each article will be reviewed and run through a plagiarism application

2) Have no more than two links back to your site. Links will be “nofollow.” Links from Support for Stepdads are coded to “nofollow” special requests must be made to allow links to be followed. Send your request to info@supportforstepdads.com.

3) If used, have “anchor text” links that are closely related to the content of the destination page (the page where the anchor text link points to). Also, the target page MUST be related to the overall theme of Support for Stepdads. Irrelevant linked pages to Support for Stepdads will disqualify your article from publication. 

4) Be at least 500 words.

5) If I find an appropriate place in your article which I can link to content within Support for Stepdads, I’ll do that. For example, if your post is about celebrity stepdads and I have a particular article about Matt Damon I’ll create a link to the Matt Damon article.

6) Include a two to three sentence author autobiography and headshot. Authors must provide a first and last name unless of course, you’re Sting, Cher, Pink or Prince.

7) Exclude affiliate links.

8) Include content you or I wouldn’t be embarrassed to show our mother’s – PG13.

9) Posts can take up to 45 days before publishing. Please factor this in when you submit an article.

10) Upon publishing, guest posts become the exclusive property of Support for Stepdads. We will always credit you as the author and source of the post with your name and links to your blog, Twitter, etc. as requested. If your article is published on the blog, it becomes ours to reproduce elsewhere. We also reserve the right to edit, revise, or simply not post as we see fit. 

11) Articles related to Marijuana, Cannabis and CBD oil will not be accepted for publishing.

Please send your Microsoft Word or text formatted article to info@supportforstepdads.com with Guest Post in the subject.  Thank you.




  1. Hi, there,

    My name is Emma. I am a passionate writer, teacher and a mother to two spirited boys.

    I am writing to you because your audience is my audience, as well. Many of my published articles are about kids’ activities, tips and advice for new moms and about care for the newborns.

    I’d be delighted to appear as a guest writer on your site and I wouldn’t forget your kindness if you say yes to my offer. In addition, you’ll have the backing of my readers and I’ll promote the article on all social networks.

    So, what do you think of our collaboration? Let me know.

    Emma Lawson

    • Hello Emma

      Thank you for your interest in contributing to Support for Stepdads. We always welcome quality articles. I’m attaching a guide we provide to frequent contributors to give you an idea what kind of articles we’re looking for each month. Also, provided articles must meet this criteria. We look forward to seeing your submission.

      Progress not perfection

  2. Phillip Sadler

    Howdy Support for Stepdads,

    I found Support for Stepdads on Google and have scanned through the site. I noticed that its niche is the same as my interest and got hooked on your recent article, Home » Husband » Great Husband Tips » Top Tips For Maintaining The Romance In Your Relationship Top Tips For Maintaining The Romance In Your Relationship.

    I am wondering if I can submit an article for a guest post contribution that will surely fit your site.

    Am hoping for a positive response from you.


    • Hi Phillip

      Thank you for your interest in publishing on S4S. Yes, we accept guest posts. In preparing your submission please follow this guidance. I look forward to reading your article.



  3. Hi! I read the comments. I’d like to contribute the articles as well and would appreciate if you provide a guide. I’m a freelance writer on how tech affects kids and how parents can handle it.
    I’ a father of 3 and that’s my biggest everyday job.
    Thanks for the guide.

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