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Underage Drinking and Driving

underage drinking and driving - teenager behind the steering wheel holding a bottle of beer

Underage Drinking and Driving: Why You Should Talk to Your Teen If you’re the parent of a teenager or of a child who will soon be a teenager, it’s important to have a talk about underage drinking and driving. Being ...

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Teaching Children To Go Green

teaching children to go green - sign with the words reuse, reduce and recycle

Making children aware of the importance of eco-friendly behavior, thriftiness and general concern for the environment doesn’t have to be a difficult parental task. If you already have the same values this would come naturally to you and your parental ...

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Smoking: How to Talk to Your Teen

Stepdad and son in coversation about smoking

I never received the no smoking under the penalty of severe punishment talk, but I had enough sense to know smoking was exclusively reserved for grown-ups. Nevertheless in 3rd grade, I vividly remember trying my first cigarette or rather taking ...

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