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Give Your Marriage A Check Up

Two puzzle pieces with the words couples therapy

When one of your friends tells you she and her spouse are thinking about attending couples’ therapy, your natural response might be to start panicking. Are they having problems? Did one of them cheat? Are they headed for divorce court? ...

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Don’t Be A Victim Of Sexual Assault

A victim of sexual assault

Sexual assault is a serious problem. The victim is left confused, hurt and angry. Moreover, sexual assault victims victims are frequently frustrated and humiliated by their inability to find justice; police doubt their stories, friends call them confused – or worse, ...

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To Elope Or Not To Elope

just married sign on bumper of vintage car

It’s one thing for a couple to elope and head to Reno or Las Vegas to get married, but it’s something completely different when children are involved. In the early 90’s, I knew a couple who were dating for a ...

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Ten Scriptures To Help Your Marriage

A marriage is an incredibly precious and sacred relationship that should be cherished always. Any married couple will tell you marriage comes with its challenges. Overcoming these challenges will make you a stronger couple in the end. The road won’t ...

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