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Don’t Be A Victim Of Sexual Assault

A victim of sexual assault

Sexual assault is a serious problem. The victim is left confused, hurt and angry. Moreover, sexual assault victims victims are frequently frustrated and humiliated by their inability to find justice; police doubt their stories, friends call them confused – or worse, ...

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Preparing Your Homeschooler For An Education In Medicine

two future young doctors wearing smocks and stethoscopes

The popularity of homeschooling continues to expand contributing to the development of innovative tools and new learning strategies. Homeschooling is producing well-rounded individuals and college ready graduates. In its many different forms homeschooling has proved to be an engaging and ...

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Is Reading A Dying Art?

Reading books quote

Nowadays, being a teacher is no easy job. Many schools are trying to prove themselves through their students performance on standardized tests. Teachers attempt to prove their worth by these scores. We all know formal test scores can’t ever really ...

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