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Stepdad’s Discipline Tips For Success

As a stepdad – your authority to parent is different from your stepchildren’s biological father. A biodad’s parental authority is based on birth, a stepdad’s power rests on the relationship with his wife. Joining a blended family and immediately adopting ...

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Parenting and Discipline

Writer Nancy Baker shares her personal experience as wife in a blended family. Based on her experience she shares conclusions you’ll find invaluable. Background When I married for the second time my daughter just turned six. She was happy as ...

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A Stepfather Gets No Respect II

The first post identified the four pieces needed build a foundation of respect for a stepfather and within the home: Stepdad Receives Authority to Parent from Wife, Wife Disciplines Children, Respectful Behavior is the Standard, and Stepdad Handling His Mistakes. ...

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