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This is a website that specifically addresses all the unique experiences, struggles and challenges that come with being a stepdad.  If you’re a stepdad you probably already know what I’m talking about!

If you’re planning is to become a stepfather you’ll learn things that will allow you to enter a blended family with your eyes wide open and with realistic expectations. 

This site has information and advice you can’t find anywhere else.  Posts about how to be a great stepfather, husband, blended families, strategies for success and much more.

Why Do Stepdads Need A Website?

It’s one of the most challenging roles around and it’s a job that isn’t clearly defined. There’s no standard operating procedures for stepfathers – leaving the majority of us to cross our fingers and hope we get it right.

And if that weren’t reason enough, studies show nearly 65% of all second marriages involve children but tragically nearly 70% of these marriages will end in divorce often as a result of the added pressures stepfamilies face.

Support for Stepdads is like “marriage insurance” – giving you informative content, tools, unique insights and support that help you overcome the challenges of the blended family.

Who I Am

I’m Gerardo Campbell a stepfather veteran of 16+ years. In 1995, when I married the “Pretty Lady” and I became the stepfather to her two cGerardo Campbell, EzineArticles Platinum Authorhildren ages 10 and 14 at the time. Back in 1995, there were little, if any, resources, information or coaching available for stepfathers.

I became a stepfather equipped with the very best intentions combined with my own perceptions, expectations and very little outside preparation.

Considering the mountains we faced over the years it’s only through God’s grace we didn’t end up another divorce statistic. Through this website I want to share with you my experience, my lessons learned and the lessons learned from others. It is possible to be a successful stepfather.

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